Bahrain’s official media.. Making the biggest divide in Bahrain’s history.

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My analysis to the strategy taken by official media to create the biggest divide in Bahrain’s History:

1. Creating a rumors engine. This was through paid thugs to send fake news that inigate feelings in a systematic manner.

This lead to, nobody beleives anybody.

2. Hit the majority factor. This was to minimize the size of opposition and to show that the majority of Bahrain stand by the Government.

Reality check: you need to tape both gathering same way. Nonetheless, if 450K could fit alfateh, you really need help.

3. Hit the demands and conditions to dialogue. This to show that the opposition is looking for an islamic system like Iran and oppress the Sunnis in retaliation to the long-ruled Al-Khalifa.

Reality check: The majority of the opposition were looking more than the Unity; the people are source powers.

4. Hit the opposition composition. This is by showing the opposition as a Shiite’s. This was so ugly, alshoroogy once said: “So tell me so we make it clear, were it Shiite/Sunni issue”

Reality check: Opposition is composed of 7 different mentalities. Inludes Sunnis, Shiites, librals, conservatives, etc.

5. Hit the opposition leadership. This is by hitting their person, their judgements and decisions without their presence. This reached to “calling them liars”

Reality Check: you cannot talk about anybody in his absence. As long as I am not their, you can always make a sequare out of me!

6. Hit the very basic priniciple of the revolt, it’s peacefullness. This was thorugh exagerating, making up, or initiating violence, and/or making judgements:

a. Hamad Town

b. UOB

c. Schools

d. Violence by driving thugs, breaking into mosques, etc.

Reality check: These incidents require proper investigation and a trial before judge; these were initiated by paid thugs, as people will never break into mosque and kill people. Some incidents were done by police and then shown as been done by opposition. Opposition has no issue against the people, it’s an issue with the Gov. Not to say the opposition didn’t make mistakes such as blocking roads but again cannot be solved by live ammo.

7. Hit the humanity and professionalism of the medical team. This is to justify the attack on the hospital and control of the wounded and killed by police. This was by showing that the medical team hiding weapons and making claims of imprisoning Sunni Doctors, stealing medical supplies, using ambulances to hide/deliver weapons, etc.

Reality check: you need an independent investigation team to visit and report on such big acquisition. Tell me something, why were the Kuwaiti medical team blocked from Bahrain again?

8. Hit the loyalty of the opposition leaders to Bahrain. By connecting the movement to Iran and Hizbolla, again this is because they are Shiites.

Reality check: Bahrainis, all of them, voted for Bahrain to be independent and didn’t want Iran in the 70s, and do not want Iran now. There has been no single evidence of this acquisition. Criticism of Hasan Naralla and Iran of violence is in line with criticism of other countries, leaders, and religious leaders, e.g. Dr. Tariq Alswaidan, Turki, USA, etc.

9. Hit other media outlets that support the opposition. Showing Alalam and Al-Manar as Lairs, igniting sectarianism, and disseminating falsified information. This is to invalidate every piece of information they broadcast and undermine their credibility.

Reality check: Alalam and Al-Manar are biased to the opposition likewise Bahrain TV is biased to the Government. What about other channels such as BBC, CNN, Fox News, the Gardian, New York Times, The Times, The Sun, The Independent, etc.?

Final result: Guys, our Gov is fighting small group of dirty blood-thirsty rats, fine with you aint? Course just do it!!


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