Islam Versus Terrorism

It was my first time visit to the United States, in Chicago‘s O’Hare International Airport, when I was told to stand up and wait right next to a wall. I felt all my blood falling down to my knees as if I had been told that they would take me to Guantanamo, Cuba. Thirty minutes later, an officer came to tell me: “There is a problem with your name!” and asked me to follow him. He took me to a room and asked me to wait there. As I was sitting, I kept cursing, “It’s not because of my name; because of Bin Laden, the idiot.” Then I was directed to an investigation room, where another officer started querying me. Because my passport had a VISA to Iran, he asked what my purpose was for going there. I answered that my purpose was tourism. By that time he let me out, I had already missed my flight to Nashville. It was the twenty fifth hour since I flown from Bahrain, and I was totally exhausted. I started looking for my sister; and, after seven hours of searching I found her crying. It turned out that she had been told that I was returned back home. If my name had been Jackson, I would not have had all that trouble!

After the destruction of the World Trade Center in New York City, by the so-called Islamic terrorists, the world is no longer the same. Because of them, I was stopped and hassled in that airport, millions of Muslims are harassed everyday, and more than one billion Muslims are thought of as potential threats! Because of these terrorists, “42% of Americans of low personal religiosity, and 65% of high personal religiosity perceive Islam as violent” (Christianity Today). I do not blame them because, if I were in their shoes, I would think the same way. If all I were to see and hear about Muslims is what the media broadcast, I will never differentiate between violence and Islam. However, Bin Laden is not Islam, nor does he represent it. Islam is misunderstood by non-Muslims but also by many who falsely claim to be Muslims, like those terrorists. 

There is no way any Christian, Jew, or Muslim can come out and say he represents all Christians, Jews, or Muslims respectively. There is not a way all Christians, Jews, or Muslims come with one clear definition of their holy scriptures. If this were the case, we would not have seen all these sects diverging from each other in each religion. However, in every religion, one will find extremists who claim the utmost knowledge of its doctrines, although unfortunately, they always go above, beyond, and against such doctrines.
One day, I heard a person stating on the news: “Islamic extremists are fighting the United States because it’s a Christian country.” But I do not agree with him. The mosques bombed by Al-Qaeda during the last year in Iraq were not churches full of Christians! The bakery that was destroyed in Iraq last couple of months was not a US military camp! Most of the time the people that are beheaded day-after-day by Al-Zarqawi’s group are not Christians, Jews, or other westerners! The terrorists kill Muslims everyday, and most victims are civilians. Why are they doing this? It is clear that this is not a holy war strictly against non-Muslims but anyone who thinks differently from the terrorists.

Some of you non-Muslims might think that the terrorists are like this because Islam’s teachings lead to this ideology (i.e. because of the Jihad concept). Well, I strongly disagree. The Koran makes the definition of Jihad very clear: “Fight in the cause of Allah [God] those who fight you, but do not transgress limits; for Allah loveth not transgressors” (2:190).  As is  the case in all countries, fighting in Islam is mandatory whenever a foreign invasion is in place; however, God asks us not to start the fight. On the contrary, Bin Laden continues to use the concept of Jihad to back his ideas, but he miscalculates it. Jihad is a broad concept; it literally means “struggle.” The greatest Jihad is the struggle with the self to get rid of what God forbids. The minor Jihad is the fighting for the Islamic Ummah (community) whenever during an invasion or an all-out war. The Prophet Muhammad has asked Muslims not to cut trees or harm old people, women, and children. Muhammad himself used armed force only when it was necessary. For example, in the battle of Ahzab, in the beginning of Islam, this was a clear aggression on the part of the unbelievers in Mecca, who had traveled 300 miles from Mecca to Medina to attack Muslims.  The Prophet ordered a trench be dug in order to avoid armed confrontation instead of going to war with them (Athar, Shahid). God says:

… if any one slew a person – unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land – it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people. Then although there came to them Our apostles with clear signs, yet, even after that, many of them continued to commit excesses in the land. (Koran 5:32)

Many people question the use of suicides by most of these terrorists, and whether or not it has a base in the religion. Al-Qaeda cheats many people by convincing them that, by committing suicides, they will be considered martyrs who will get to heaven. However, hell is the final destiny for such practices. In Islam, anything that indirectly harms the self is prohibited; such as alcohol, pork, tattoos, etc. So, if directly harming the self is allowed, then there would be a clear contradiction in the religion itself! The life and body are sacred in Islam, and nothing justifies harming them; God says, “… And spend of your substance in the cause of Allah, and make not your own hands contribute to [your] destruction …” “… Nor kill [or destroy] yourselves: for verily Allah hath been to you Most Merciful! …” “…Whether open or secret; take not life, which Allah hath made sacred, except by way of justice and law …” (Koran 2:195, 4:29, 6:151).

Islam, the word itself, means “peace and submission.”  One of the attributes of God is As-Salaam, the peace giver.  The path of Islam is called the path of peace.  The ideal society in Islam is called Darus-Salaam.  That is the city of peace.  It is for this reason that Jerusalem was originally named as Salem, city of peace, by Canaanite Righteous King Melchisedeck, a contemporary of Prophet Abraham and was changed later to Urousalem and then to Jerusalem. The mission of Islam, as given to Prophet Mohammad, was “to be merciful to mankind” the Quran (Athar, Shahid). If one really investigates Islam, one will understand that terrorists’ practices have nothing to do with its doctrines; that explains why, in spite of the 11 September attack, more than 30,000 Americans have converted to Islam since then (The Learn the Bible), and Islam is currently the fastest growing religion, according to the Guinness Book of World Records 2005.

If Islam is proven to be a religion of tolerance, why would some of its practitioners turn to intolerance? There many reasons, especially politics. Why does Al-Qaeda not have its main base in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, etc.? Why did Osama Bin Laden left Arabia? Where was Al-Qaeda created? Who supported it? Al-Qaeda was not wanted in Arabia, so its members went to Afghanistan, where they received the support and money from many countries, including the United States, to fight the invading Russians. With Al-Quaeda’s barbarian mentality, it was the best choice. However, Al-Qaeda expanded, seized Afghanistan, and then, using Islam for justification, started blowing-up buildings and people everywhere. We must all remember that not all terrorists are Muslims! There is a lot of terrorism in Ireland, Latin America, and Sri Lanka, where Muslims are not present.

As a result of these misguided terrorists, Islam and Muslims are put first in the list whenever any bad disaster happens. Thank God, the Tsunami was not blamed on Muslims! The real problem is that many countries now are issuing statues that limit the freedom of individuals in the name of limiting terrorism. It extends to imprisoning suspected people, just because of their appearance. One of my friends, who wears veil, was asked in the Chicago‘s O’Hare International Airport to take off her clothes in front of God and everybody; to make sure she was not carrying any weapons of mass destruction! Muslim girls are forced to remove their Islamic head scarves in Germany and some other western countries; where is the freedom?  This was the case in France, so a number of girls shaved their heads so as not to show their hair!
The world should understand that Islam is all about fighting such barbarian practices.

The world should understand that we Muslims are against terror and with the war on terrorism. However, to fight terrorism, the world should understand who the real terrorists are, who support them, and how to not to pull the trigger on the wrong target.  The world should no longer sleep, and I hope it will awake one day to learn the truth about Islam versus the terrorism.



  1. Don said,

    You’re full of crap.

    • karish said,

      grapes r sour, face the truth. WAKE UP!

    • Morgan said,

      People like you make Americans and non-muslims look like nieve bigots.

      To the Author:
      Thank you very much. I am writing a paper on this topic and the information in this atricle will be very helpfull in my research. especially the 4th Pharagraph. Again i thank you very much for this very well writen article.
      Again Much thanks

    • Mohammed khuraibet said,

      First thanks for writing this and don your 100% brainless first after all that explaining you say oh muslims are terrorists and they are full of crap can you even read? I live in kuwait and England for 6 years and most people there treat me nicely I mean I had loads of freinds their and no one said muslims are full of crap and by the was that’s called RASISM, second Islam specifically says no fighting unless fighting back so use your brain put 2 and 2 together and see that the media is full of crap. And Israel which is a normal country correct WRONG IT IS STOLEN by Jews but we don’t say all Jew are bad I have loads for Jew freinds in England we don’t fight about stupid things like that and your probebly a grown man. In fact muslims should sue the dumb American media. And by the way the only country in the world has a thanksgiving holiday which is kind of selfish a holiday because you Americans are sooo full of your selfs see what I did you probebly angry THATS CALLED RACISM (but I really want to sue the media). And I don’t go and say Christians are terrorists they have nukes like a brainless baboon so I suggest you research a bit and use what ever is left of your damaged brain and think BEFORE YOU WRITE YOU RASIST

  2. Isra said,

    Mashalla, nicely written. You clearly stated out the truth; however, people like Mr.Don here chose not to believe in it. Your work is appreciated.

  3. Farrah said,

    you and all ur people are full of crap…shut ur mouth before u say anything else,,,it is the truth and u have to face it.

  4. Farrah said,

    I love it,,,,Good job:)

  5. monline said,

    Thanks Farrah and Isra, I appreciate your comming and opinion..
    Don, show me what’s the crap!?

  6. alfie said,

    “After The Cold War was ended We still have an enemy ….it is Islam” .That was the sentence spoken by Samuel Hunington, and it is developed by now.

    I donna really understand why do most of the west like to follow the idea of Hunington (including Bush) .Is it logil or nor to make warwith more than 1 billions moslems?. During Bill Clinton era everything was all finein this world . I do respect him really !. May god always bless Clinton!

    Best Regard

  7. Dagmara said,

    Salam aleikum,

    I am polish woman, living in USA, I have been living in Bahrain(loving it), now probably moving with my husband to Jeddah.
    I agree with you100% and I share experience.

    I am against war and any discrimination.

    I believe all people can live in peace and respect each other, but there is too many people that are messing with our minds via media, lying and closing our eyes on importent facts.

    Amira Dagmara

  8. Nadia said,

    Hi again, i read the above and i agree in part of it.
    I do agree Islamic people are not terrorists and are against terrorism.
    I know Islam means “peace and submission” and i totally respect the culture (i am Christian but only because my parents baptized me, i am not really into religions but i respect everybody).
    I read a lot about Islam lately…..i met some islamic people that i consider my friends, i met some is San Francisco where i lived for a few years and they are wonderful people; i met two saudi guys in Egypt and they are wonderful people and i do not think any of them is a terrorist; actually they are sooooo nice.
    I am sorry that muslim people often get searched more in airports but please try also to understand the other point of you.
    Unfortunately most of terrorists are muslims and i think it is understandable the security must go beyond some restrictions as veils.
    Don not take me wrong please, but as also u said, terrorists make this war in name of Allah and sometime they use muslim rules to do crazy things……so maybe someone would take advantages from being a veil woman and hide some weapon..
    I travel a lot, i am not veiled and i get searched big times too.
    Also u need to understand that Europe is not a muslim country even though it is very liberal becasue all muslims can say and write freely what they think; also they can go to mosques and get their 5 time preys a day in all work companies……if i go to Saudi Arabia i must wear the Abaia, i can not drive and i have to follow the rules which i agree becasue it is a different culture….so if a muslim woman come to Europe and she has asked to take her veil or vest off to search her she needs to understand it is a different culture too.
    So we have to respect each other cultures and rules when we are in each other countries.
    Take care.

    • sabina said,

      Nadia please try to sort out the reasons for terrorism.There are many people who are speaking against Islam and Muslims. Actually it always happens that we start blaming somebody, as Muslims are accused as terrorists, and do not catch the real culprit.The same situation is prevailing now a days. You all just watching one perspective. Do u think that terrorism is only a danger for foreigners? No at all, many foreigners also visit Muslim states,they r not forced to take their things off. You said that Muslims should understand the western culture……is it right in your point of view to treat women like this? just thik

    • Fahad Khan said,

      actually …you are right nadia-Fahad Khan

  9. indcoup said,

    the problem is that many people in the West associate Islam and terrorism.
    9/11 made them angry and they viewed Islam with an incorrect bias. Images from the middle east and places like Pakistan have also been less than favorable. So it is essential for Muslims to show that Islam IS about peace.

  10. A Stranger said,

    Monline, thank you very much for writing this. While browsing through videos on YouTube today, I came across several comments claiming that all Muslims are anti-semitic terrorists. To quote exactly: “I despise Islam because it is evil, evil, evil.” Comments like this sicken me. People can be so incredibly ignorant and closed-minded. How can one accuse all Muslims of prejudice against Jews when, in doing so, one proves oneself prejudiced against Muslims? It scares me how many people confuse Islam with terrorism…and the epidemic of idiocy is spreading. As you point out, the media sometimes treats “Muslim” and “terrorist” as synonyms- I appreciate your efforts to counter this ignorant propaganda. It is great to read an accurate, enlightening piece of writing like this one. Thanks again!

    And to Nadia: I do not believe that “most of terrorists are muslims.” Many terrorists are (supposed) Christians or atheists. Besides, I don’t think you can really call the Muslim terrorists “Muslim” at all. Islam is largely a religion of peace, and any person that murders so brutally and indiscriminately clearly does not follow the Islamic doctrine.

  11. monline said,

    Nadia, thanks for expressing your opinion..I would like to see some statistics of net terrorists per religion overtime .. You are missing my point.. My point is any religion can be furtile land for terrorists; They use it as a base and to cultivate emotions and supporters; but it does not mean they express the teachings of the religion.. Christianity and Jediusm was once upon a time; we are now… Like “A Strager” said, a terrorist is not a Muslim at all

    A Stranger, big thanks..

  12. Azam & Abid said,

    Assalam o Aliakum.
    We read your article and found it very outstanding. The effort u have made is very appreciable.

  13. Azam & abid said,

    I would like to qoute the saying of Great poet Allama Iqbal

    Sooraj hmey hr sham yeh dars deta hai,
    K maghrib ki taraf jao gay to doob jao gay.


  14. Hindu said,

    Thanks a lot for compiling such a wonderful information which is true in every aspect. I am a hindu myself but I have always believe that terrorism and islam cannot be same. Though I do not have a great knowledge about islam but I know one thing for a fact, be it any religion in the world, it will never call for killing innocent people. Smae is the case with ISlam. People who call themselves as muslims and then kill innocent people( of any religion) cannot be muslims in the first instance because to be a muslim they should follow the believes and principles of islam.

    However at the same time I will not totaly blame the world for sometimes to connect muslims with the terrorists. Due to some reasons a lot of terrorists are identified as muslims. One reason can be that only muslim terrorists come in limelight and not others . I think there is no harm in taking extra care and security and there should be no reason be it religious or gender to say that a person should not be frisked. After all the policemen are doing their job and it will ensure safety for every one. And when I say this, I mean for every religion. Like a couple of years ago a hindu saint was frisked and an issue was created out of it which is absolutely rubbish.

    I think education is the key in today’s world as it allows you to think on a broader aspect. And those educated people who still calls for Hindu vs Muslims or any other religion are just politicians. Hope you agree with my point of view.

  15. Shahina Assil said,


    You wrote a wonderful piece here. I read it and truly felt touched. I understand what you are trying to pin point and I believe that as muslims, most of us are trying to go against this prejudice statement non-muslims are holding against us. I was wondering If you have ever considered sending this to Metro and Toronto Star and actually getting your voice heard and across to those who think this way. I personally am in the process of writing articles and such and speeches in preparation to get my voice heard and promote peace! Muslims are not terrorists. Terrorists are fanatics. Islam promotes peace whereas Terrorism is like another religion itself. I am trying to form a group of people like you and I who try and promote peace and show a side of Islam the media consciously is avoiding, the path of Allah, the path of peace and devotion. Forgive me if I said anything wrong, but I feel as if you should send your article to a newspaper, and get it front page if you can. If so, let me know. Thank you.

  16. kashaf said,

    mr don u r representng a vry bad pic of ur religion

  17. Khalil said,

    My brother im loving it ! … im writing a essay about the subject of Islam stereotyping, and a presentation, so this has come in handy. Jazaklah

  18. Gavin said,

    i appreciate you must find it difficult being suspected, but to me the big problem is (as is evidenced by the tone of your argument)…there are not enough prominent moslems, moslem countries, leaders etc condemning the acts of terrorism, and actually taking responsibility for it. I am Scottish, I have been brought up to dislike English, but I would have no hesitation in handing over anybody I knew was responsible for hate crimes; or to speak out against their practices, etc. I wouldn’t just be feeling sorry for myself if some bigot was picking on me – I’d understand that somebody was wrongly using my nationality or religion as an excuse for wrong-doing, and we all have a responsibility as human beings to stop them.

    Regarding you quoting the Quran about not starting the fight, nobody – whether its in a school yard, or a full on war, ever agrees on who started it. What we need to agree on is … it doesn’t matter who started it, the violence must be stopped.

    Yours in peace my friend.

  19. Faiz said,

    Salam… check this blog for beautiful Islamic pictures, artworks, quotes and lot more!

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