About Me,

My name is M. Ebrahim, a Bahraini 23-year old, a Computer Information Systems graduate with Summa Cum Laude, the highest honor in Murray State University, Murray, Kentucky. For the past 3 years, and during my university years, I worked for several companies both in Bahrain and the
US, conceptualizing, analyzing, designing, and implementing Information systems. Now, I work for KPMG Advisory W.L.L. as an Associate Consultant, looking forward to get quality experience with this great company.

I speak both Arabic and English Fluently; lived in the Middle-East and studied in the US, I believe I have a mixture of Western and Eastern Cultural background. I believe Cultures can blend, and all people in the World can live together in peace if good intentions existed.

One problem that makes cultures seem like clashing is the informational gap between the west and the East, and Hereby, I put up this Portfolio and Blog for the goal of bringing us together to the same level. This small effort might bring more change; but this change would never be possible without your support.. I wish you an enjoyable read, and all the best..



  1. munis said,

    good thinking ! but dont you think blending both muslim and western culture would corrode muslim values and it’s culture ?

  2. monline said,

    What part of Muslims values and culture is going to be corroded?
    Every community has its values and culture, that may in some part go in conflict with the others’. Living together in one society would only mandate giving up one thing: “Disrespecting others’ values and cultures!” I don’t have to believe/do the same you believe/do in order to live with you in peace! So many Muslims live in the west, are they giving up their values? No.

    We share so much, more than we realize, and that’s our problem. 80% of our problems can be solved by fixing 20% of them.
    e.g. If we apply the GOLDEN RULE, that’s shared by most world religions, it would be enough to solve so so so so much.. Our great prophet said: “None of you [truly] believes until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself.” Number 13 of Imam “Al-Nawawi’s Forty Hadiths.”

    Why don’t you reverse the question to “don’t you think blending both Muslim and western culture would corrode western values and its culture?”
    My answer would be the same.

    It’s not a problem if I think my religion is the right one;
    –  it’s only a problem when I believe it’s superior and is meant to rule the earth, and my duty is to spread it using all means! Forced conversion, Terrorism, brainwashing, you name it.
    – It’s only a problem when I want to apply my rules over everybody else!!
    – It’s only a problem when I deal with others as second-class humans!!
    This is all forbiden by Islam, as you know, but yet practiced in large by some so-called Muslims!! If we follow the prophets guidance, to love others like ourselves, to deal with respect; and if others do the same, In which why can we not live together?

    Last but not least, and to answer your question:
    Why don’t we use our “Human” Identity instead of our “Religious/national/political/etc.” one? Wouldn’t that enough to make us live in peace without corroding anybody’s culture or values?

  3. Anna said,

    I would like to respond to your writing because, although I do not follow any particular religion, you echo the values I believe in. I live in the UK and was born of parents who believed I should be free to make up my own mind about religious beliefs without any influence from them. I have read the bible and attended church but formed my own system of values and beliefs which are, as you say, that we should treat others as we wish to be treated. That all people are equal, regardless of colour or sex. That all people should be free to follow their beliefs without coersion from others, that violence should never be condoned. And that we should treat not only fellow humanity with respect, but all life forms and our environment. You are right in thinking that communication, tolerance and understanding is vital in order to bring people together. I wish you every success in your endeavour and hope that more people will follow in your footsteps.

  4. alfie said,

    If we wanna jugde a religion we gotta lose out our sense of fanatism freely so by doin’ that we can be objective in giving judgement ,not to follow the main stream opinion that has been starting from the past, where the people used Odium Theologycum.

    Use our heart and thinking so we’ll find the true justice there

    Best Regard

  5. Nadia said,

    I totally agree with u !!!!

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