As they say, Jeddah is different.. Change in Saudi Arabia..

September 29, 2006 at 9:11 pm (Arabs & Muslims, Culture, Middle East, Saudi Arabia)

Long time since I wrote in my Blog.. I know, it’s sad.. But I had some issues going on in my life.. I was assigned my first project in KPMG.. Guess where? Jeddah.. Gush, I started  my real work day first of Ramadan.. Travelling every week back and forth to my lovely country..

Jeddah is an interesting place! I think it’s much better than other places in Saudi; people here are much open-minded than those of Riyadh.. At least, women don’t have to cover their faces!! So many boys are just holding their cell phones and walking around, driving, sitting in cafe shops and malls, trying to catch those same girls using the Bluetooth technology.. Here you just turn on the bluetooth, and search for devices…Nicknames like “The beautiful Girl,” “Die for your love,” “come huge me,” etc. and many others are used by those sexually frustrated boys and girls… This is the only thing you can do to catch a girl without being caught!!!

Living in the La Meridian is an astonishing experience; on the Tahlya road, where you’ll find Europian-style malls, HUGE, I loved it.. Likewise other places in Saudi Arabia, all you can do is Eat and Shop.. Never to forget, SLEEP!!

Living in a male-dominated culture, I bet you can live for a whole month without thinking about sex, because it’s all men that you see!! Gush, it’s crazy; on the road, all you see is men; in work, all who you deal with are men; 911?1100? etc. of information disks, all men’s voices you’d hear! Alerts in Malls? Men.. NO WOMEN AT ALL!

Single? you are always suspicious; you’d have less options, because so many places are only accessible by married people! If you are married, it’s a very good place to visit, because you can enter everywhere, and get bothered not..

There are so many strange things here, I cannot comprehend it… Prayers time, 5 times a day, each of 1/2 hour, everything get closed! Whether you wanna pray or not, if you’re are eating in a restaurant, and it’s prayers time, you just get out!! If you’re in the middle of the mood smoking Sheesha/Hooka, you get KICKED OUT! That’s why, it’s like a dead city before 8pm, the last prayer… After that, everybody is out shopping!! Eating!!  that’s it!

Saudi Arabia is changing by time. You see well educated people, who you can argue with; yet this change is very slow.. King Abdullah is doing so much to change people’s mentality, but he’d need 20 years of hard work.. Start with education and move on.. Millions of $$ are just stolen, and this needs control… I would love to visit this place one day, when I can drive and nobody jumps all over me!!
An honest advice, Don’t ever drive in Saudi Arabia, It’s like a racing track, with no rules..

I would like to share some pics with you, but now it’s time to go, I gotta go get my Sahhor and sleep… Enough of this business center!

I’m gonna talk more about my experience in Saudi, and I would do more comparison with life in the west.. So, see you some time soon;)



  1. roy said,

    Thanks for telling of your trip and encounters. It is facinating hearing about these places and cultures from you. Keep doing so, when you can – if you are inclined. May God bless you in your travels and experiences.

  2. roy said,

    I forgot to mention – sure is different than Murray, Ky. I know that town. I hope you had a good experience there, and at the University. I went to WKU in Bowling Green, Ky – many years ago. Take care.

  3. monline said,

    Thanks roy for your interesting comments,
    I would sure do it!!
    Yeah, it’s different than Murray; but I will tell you what? Here, the food is much better than Murray!! I would say, It’s really good in Jeddah, and Saudi in general..
    Becauase there is NO bars or cinemas; one of the main “things to do” is going to a restaurants! You will find all kind of fancy arabic and international food..

    Murray is much quite.. life is easy and no tension.. Lifestyle is “simple.”
    Here, you’ll find high-tech products, best cars, big villas, latest cellphones with 3.5G vedio calling, etc… Most adults, of new generations, here are always wearing the best clothes and always stylish… Jeddah is considered “far-left” in Saudi, though Jeddah is 1 hour away from Mecca, the Islamic center of the world… It’s not Jeddah that’s open minded, it’s other places here that are close!

  4. roy said,

    monline – That is facinating. It is so strange how perceptions are different than real life in many instances. I would have thought it would be less modernized. For a country like the US with all of the tv stations and shows (which so much is just plain crap) we don’t get enough good and real information too often, or have enough shows, specials on places like you are in.

    But, you are sharing your information, and I really appreciate your perspective and information. It sounds like you are really enjoying the experiences – I am jealous – I’ve never even been out of the US. Not because of any bias – it’s always work, work – and when you get some money saved up – something happens that makes you have to use it all up – then it’s back to starting over again trying to save. But, that’s life sometimes, I guess.

    To be at the center of the religious places must be an awesome, and humbling experience. I am moved (as I know you are from your comments and passion in your words regarding your religion) by just the Holy text – to actually be there is beyond expression in my mind.

    But, I / we are getting first hand travel and culture information from you – and I thank you for it. I look forward to more from you as you have the time to update your web page.

    Take care, Roy

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  5. Jay said,

    Hey… I just got a hold of your blog…am wondering.. I just got an offer to move to Saudi Arabia (Jeddah) … and am hesitant.. I lived most of my life in USA and now working in Beirut…. Beirut is amazing, the night life, the beaches, the girls….etc…. I know Saudi is nothing like that .. but how bad is it really? which city in Saudi is the most “relaxed” in rules & regulations… would it be different if i were to live in a compound with non-saudi ppl. with just expats?

    I appreciate your help and advice in this for I have to make a decision soon.

  6. monline said,

    It’s known that Saudi provides one of the highest pays in the region.. that’s why many westerners go there.. Jeddah is the most relaxed; there, people are more understanding and openminded.. Yet forget about drinks & night-life.. Only if you get to live in a compound, there might be parties u can attend.. And yes, usually drinks are alowed inside embassies; so the dutch embassy for example might be able to provide such in closed parties.. things u’ll enjoy in Jeddah are: Eating, Sleeping, Shopping, and if fortunate, working!

    If you get to know people there, u’ll enjoy Jeddah.. it’s a nice place to visit, but not to live in… That’s only my opinion!
    all de best…
    be free to query if u want more info.

    • shell said,

      hi. can you tell me what are the things that i can buy cheaply in jeddah? Any food specialty that I can bring back on a 10 hr flight back home?

  7. Rajendra said,

    Hi Moline

    is soudi arabia a good place to work. Please tell me … i am married
    have an option in between Qatar and Soudi arabia
    which place do you think is the best one ..
    Please mail me …

  8. Nadia said,

    Hey, i like reading all this about Jeddah. I am actually an italian girl and i’d love to visit Jeddah but it seems impossible.
    The only way i found is through a diving trip, but the bad part of it is that i would be in the city only for an afternoon and of course i won’t be able to go out by myself.
    Do u know if foreign women can look for a job in Jeddah? If yes, through which website and what kind of job?
    It must be a beautiful country but it is just impossible to enter it if u are a woman.


    • mohammed said,

      i just read what did u write about jeddah?

      sooo did u move there or not yet

      im actullay from jeddah

    • Zaib said,

      Hi Nadia,

      Funny you should mention how much you want to go to Jeddah.. I just happened to watch Eat, Pray, Love and wanted to visit your home town, Italy! 🙂 But i’m actually, out of a promise I made to my mom, heading back to the horrors of Saudi.. (After a while it’s not that bad… but there are certain things one misses once there..)

      As a tourist, it is definately quite interesting, especially balad, and the red sea (one day i hope to work up the courage to go scuba diving). And yes, as someone mentioned above, if you live in a compound, you’d be a little more easily sociable, and you can prolly walk out in your pyjays for a nice morning stroll.. a luxury i won’t be having any time soon.. but i might want to get my parents to promise me that in return… and this time KEEp it..

      I gained a lot of wait there.. the food really is that good… and that scares me.. Malls .. well there’s actually Attallah park (amongst other amusement parks) they have sheesha, food, arcades and ICE SKATING!!! it was quite fun.. but not an everyday activity..

      I like to paint, so i began a fresh business of it.. you have a lot of solitude, finally get that time and space to do all your leisurely readings, paint, learn to garden, play some playstation, watch movies at home (oh ya no theatres – yukh!), etc..

      Tell me about Italy, I hear so much about it. I’d love to go see one day what the fuss is about. How is the average life there. Have you lived there long, is their a big muslim community there.. halaal food?

      This time round, I am planning to rediscover jeddah like it was Italy: the language is spoken with hands and lots of emotion (and i could really learn it), the people make and eat very indulgent foods, and it is a city where people adhere to the meaning quite dearly of: Dolce far niente… 🙂 also, the ruins are beautiful, and its within ruins… just like italy……

      I’m anxiously waiting to hear about italy from you… Thanks for sharing your fresh perspective, it certainly makes it easier for me.. And to answer your question about jobs, yes that is the best way to come and live here, though you can apply for umrah or hajj visa (visit visa if you have family or friends.. maybe not friends) and that can get you a 4 month or so stay.. The job application, is a long process, and they make you wait long periods of time.. i mean 6 months easily… for paper work…

      Zaib… Feel free to email me at

    • Adeel Ehsan said,

      call me 0599902074

  9. Nadia said,

    Forgot to say…please send me an answer if u get a chance.

  10. rachel said,

    can i ask u in jeddah they have a girl work there and they have a alcoholic drink there?tnx

  11. Santosh said,


    Can anyone explain the life style in jeddah..What about compound life style…I’m from India,may be deputed there on job..If we want to save the money how much minimum we should earn…?

  12. Mohammed said,

    hello all
    am 22years old and live in jeddah university students
    my english is nt thats good but ill try to help u guys with an answers

    umm about drinks its nt allowed here but u can get some if u live in compunds as Roy said . and yes jeddah is the most relaxed and opend minded in saudi arabia .

    jeddah is a nice place to live if u know many people u will be able to get to manythings . like parties social acts..etc and for the nightlife style normaly resturant cafes malls theres also somthing called ( Kabayin) which is small componds around or on the beach where u can relax , by swimming or diving etc..

    foreign women can look for a job in Jeddah , u can work at banks , hospitals also international schools or institute depends on ur Educationl degree .

    hope this help u guys and wish u all the good luck

  13. Rajeshwar said,

    Hi All,

    I am into Software field and iam married with a kid. I got a job in Jeddah. I am from india. I would like to know whether Jeddah is nice place for family people or not. Since i dont know much about Jeddah. I have US visa and i have being to USA 3 times. Even Mauritius also. Please suggest me.

    Will i should move to Jeddah or not.

    Awaiting for kind reply.

    thanks in advance.


  14. Hina said,

    can anyone tell me any companies who hire IT professionals in Jeddah or any multinationals there that I could apply to work for? I am a business analyst, currently working in London. I’m British.
    Please email me at

    THank you very much!

    • Adeel Ehsan said,

      google search it will be the best answer for u….

  15. marj said,

    i dont really know so much about jeddah except it is a muslim place.
    my sis had recently moved in to join her hubby who is working there.
    i was wondering if my sis will be allowed to work or?
    thanks for any reaction…

  16. Yogesh Bisht said,

    I am writing to ask what everyone has above. I have a family with Kids, I Jeddah a place to moev with family, what’s with education of kids etc.
    Please revert.

  17. yahya said,

    hello everyone, well i was reading through all your questions and I may have some answers that can help you all. I lived in jeddah for more than 12 years. Many people wonder if they should go to Saudi for work, holidays, raise a family, or more. How is it working in Saudi? There are advantages to work in Saudi such as, you don’t pay taxes, probably a high salary depending on the job, cheap cars, and many more. However, there are some disadvantages too. There are limitations to what you can do and there are not many attractions. I have much more to say about Jeddah, for any furthur questions, please feel free to contact me.

    • Varma said,

      What is the decent salary to live in jeddah for a family?
      How much is rent for gated community?
      and split for food and transport.
      My company offering SR10,800 P.M.
      Please respond.

  18. Chandrakant said,

    how is the place ? i am planning to move from mumbai shortly with my wife and one kid . low is life style how friendly are local people with expacts . being a hindu will i face any problem their ?

    some one pls reply …..

  19. ibra said,

    Jeddah is simply the best place ever !!!

  20. asma said,

    very soon we will shift ti jeddah .in april we will vist jeddah .can any body guid us the compounds over there with rates. we r looking for 3 bedroom villa..


    • tahir said,

      did to find any villa in jeddah.
      if not please tell me i can surch for you in goo area of jeddah.

    • Adeel Ehsan said,

      where r u from actually?

  21. Hamza said,

    For Food News in Jeddah its worth checking out Jeddah Food Online

    great guide to restaurants and openings in town.

  22. Mohan said,

    Is there any brokers to find the accomodation

  23. Papai said,

    hi every one,
    i hv a problem. realy big prob. in my life.
    i luv a girl (age-20), frm my soul..she is my life.we love each other too much.
    but she live in jeddha,saudi arabia. and i live in kolkata,india.
    we wanna marry each other.
    but the problem is the arabian society. i hv no prob, in my family in family know the girl is muslim.
    any one knows, if i’ll go in jeddha to take her india then which kind of problem i’ll face.i know there is nothing is impossible in earth. please tell me how i’ll get her?. we cant live with out each other.

  24. Josh said,

    If she lives in Jeddah and you in India how did you meet then? Online? If you are not a muslim and she is then basically you will have to suffer pain and forget about her. If you are both muslim and she has an Indian family in Jeddah then you might have a chance but she can not just leave with you to India. She needs an exit visa and as you are not a relative you can not travel with her. If her family does not allow then you are out of luck. If she is a Saudi national….forget it, suffer the pain and get on with your life. There is no way her family will allow her to go to India and marry you then.

    You are now in love and probably not all that rational. Love is not all that is needed. First have a good look if this love has any chance of succeeding and what problems there might be. Going to Jeddah and then trying to get to this girl might be a very dangerous proposition. Keep your mind together man. You would not only harm this girl but yourself as well and depending on the family you will have to be aware of the honor of your and her family as well.

  25. Josh said,

    Also keep in mind that if you would be in Jeddah and caught with her together you will suffer serious consequences. Depending on in which position you would be caught it can go from whipping and deportation upto a death sentence for both of you. This is a very religious country and frivolous behavior before marriage is a big sin. You do not want to be sentenced by a Sharia court. If you are a Hindu prepare for some serious punishment if caught with a muslim girl. Death sentences are not uncommon.

    • AA said,

      excuse me , do you live there? i don’t think so , so shut your big mouth 🙂

  26. Revathy Raman said,

    Please help in getting information about India’s (esp Hindu’s) working and living conditions in Jeddah as my husband is going to work for a top university there as a professor.

    I am working in india and will i get a job there?? I am basically a stenographer now working as a Secretary to top level management. Please advise me on the following :

    1. Work culture
    2. Saving potential
    3. Cost of living
    4. Should ladies wear pardhas irrespective of their religion?
    5. Climate
    6. School education for my daughter (who is going to 10th std)
    7. Safety for girls and ladies

    Please help me out in giving answers to the above queries, i will be much much grateful for you all helping me


    Revathy Raman

  27. Josh said,

    Hello Revathy,

    Saudi Arabia is a society that adheres to as strictest possible separation of the sexes. This means that there are few opportunities for women to work. Jeddah is somewhat more free and women do work but finding a job will be difficult. If you can not find a job try to start your own business. Language will be a problem. Also keep in mind thast public display of any religion other than muslim is not allowed so no Dhivali celebrations or things like that. The religious police will not be very lenient.

    If the University provides housing and pays a decent salary you will be able to save substantially as the cost of food is very modest. Clothes etc. are also reasonably cheap.

    Your biggest expenditure, provided housing is included, will be a private school for your daughter. I would not recommend her to attend a Saudi public school as the difference with her current Indian curriculum will be too big. You will have to browse the web and check the websites of private schools in Jeddah.

    All women are obliged to wear the Abaya when they go outside, no exception. As Jeddah is a port for the millions of pilgrims you will of course see women with other outfits according to their national dress but for those living here the Abaya is the garment of choice.

    On the climate: The months of June, July and August are very hot, winter can be very pleasant and even a bit chilly in the evenings. Expect no rain whatsoever and if there is expect flash floods in many parts of the city as there is no drainage installed.

    You will have to look for a private school and check for the rates. As she is already in 10th grade a Saudi school might not be a good idea.

    Jeddah is generally safe except for the traffic which can be crazy. However this does not mean you can just go anywhere. There are places you have to take care for pickpockets. As a women alone you are not supposed to walk around without your husband, brother or cousin but in the malls and these kind of places you have no problem shopping around. You will have to get used to a male dominated environment and obey the rules. This is a society where the sexes are segregated.

    Besides this segregation the society is build up also along lines of ethnicity. Saudi’s and Arabs form the top layer of society, then the western expatriates, then Chinese, Japanese, Indonesians, Phillipino’s, then Indians, Pakistani, Sri Lankans and Bangladeshi and Africans. You will see this back in the job market but also in the treatment received. As your husband will be a university professor his job puts you in a better position on. I am generalizing a bit here but you’ll find out that different groups are treated different.

  28. Josh said,

    One mistake: I mean as a women you ARE supposed to be out with your husband…..

  29. Revathy Raman said,

    Mr Josh,

    Thanks a lot for your value inputs. I am really thankful to you for the informative messages.

    All the points are well noted.

  30. sully said,

    jeddah is sweet. im saudi american and live in the us most the time but when im in saudi its amazing. its like no rules anything goes you can do things you never knew existed. its got alot of problems tho because everyone being seperated made everyone go nuts and the hormones are overflowing here. there are parties. crazy ones. but good luck getting on the list to get in. if you even hear about there being a party. ive heard of huge lesbian sex clubs. he he he. but yeah the gay community is huge i believe because of the way kids are raised in a gender split culture. ha alot of saudi men will be attracted to what most westerners would find repulsive. when your in saudi you have to lower your expectations some. if you take the time to really look into peoples lives you will want to leave. women are treated as objects and the men are ruthless. and every guy here wears gucci a omega and drives a 6 or 7 series. ive seen guys crash bmws thinking itd impress a girl. imagine the ‘cock blocking’ that goes on. ive heard of friends killing each other over girls.
    girls have it the worst. you actually must protect all the women. i know more girls here who have been raped than not raped. and people say they bullshit because they were ‘whores’ and lost their virginity. but im no idiot i know that alot of guys rape girls here. gang rapes and such. they victimize men as well i knew a guy that got it from 15 guys in the desert. you have to be careful because the freakish sex things here are disgusting. mothers wanting to sex up their daughters fathers doing their daughter. like a bunch of really messed up stuff. i swear on it. i am talking about how everything here is so hush hush that you will never know. but im positive there are still slaves here. and worse snuff films and sex slavery. dog fights lion fights crazy animals. houses you can drive cars inside, infinite money almost. 12 yr olds who buy lamborghinis.
    i got alot of stories and stuff. should i keep going?

  31. ahmed said,

    I am a newcomer and looking for a house, mostly a villa or duplex house with parking place – preferably covered parking in an area not very expansive= I wonder there are no real estate agents here whom I can approach and all say it’s only the “haaris” who does the lob for a few pennies- but to hunt for these guys is another problem- language and visibility? I’m not keen on compounds and wish to breath free air instead surrounded by 4 walls- incidently I’m now in a compd but like to move out for fresh air- can you suggest?

  32. fahad said,

    My English is not bad but I want to learn a lot and I hope if there are foreign family in Saudi Arabia, specifically in Jiddah want anyone to come to learn, thank you

  33. Khalid said,

    I’m considering moving to Jeddah for a year next year to teach English. I don’t have a degree but I’m planning on doing an English course which will allow me to teach abroad. I have been to Makkah and Madinah but not Jeddah. Is Jeddah a nice place to live for a year? By the way, as funny as it can sound, I can read and write arabic but speak only a little.

  34. Jack said,

    Jeddah is fine. The beach and the Red Sea are nearby so no problems, Besides that it is geared up for tourists. Although in the last few years infrastructure is failing a bit which can be a nuisance.

  35. mega said,

    hi…can anyone help me? i’m not moeslim but i want to go to jeddah…
    i want to see my fiance, we have trouble and miss communication.
    we have plan that we will married end of this year, but something happen’ and i need to talk with him face to face.
    and the problem is i can’t get visa..even use visit visa.
    the embassy said that must get calling visa from jeddah first or if u have a friend in jeddah can be ur sponsor to guarantee ur permit, u can go there.
    please, anybody can help me get my visa there? if i must pay i will pay!
    urgent..pls contact me.

  36. samit said,

    planning to shift jeddah with a new job with wife and a kid of 3 years as a senior manager role; please advice me on the following;
    1.minimum cost of living(house/car/medical–free)
    2. being a hindu family,shall we face any social problem or any restriction in public life’ cost at jeddah

    • sameer said,

      Hi Samit,

      I also got a job in Jeddah and want to shift there with my wife and my 10 months daughter.

      Please let me know if you get your answer

  37. Magnesium Ascorbate said,

    having a regular nightlife can make your life a very colorful one, i enjoy having nigh outs ~,’

  38. ieggam said,

    i have read all the quiries bout jeddah,and im somewhat shocked!!
    i have a boyfriend working in jeddah and he wants me to be there as soon as possible,but the fact is..itss so hard to find a job theree for me as a female,,

  39. suaad baasi hassan said,

    hi i,m suaad from jeddah and i,m 22 years old

  40. suaad baasi hassan said,

    hello i,m suaad and i,m 22yeards old i live in jeddah i have babe boy my son is 3 years

  41. suaad baasi hassan said,

    hello my niame is suaad i,m somali from barawo i live in jeddah i,m a house wife i have a babey boy my son he is 3 years i,m devorsed

  42. Maire said,

    Hi I live in Jeddah. My family and I are planning a trip to al Shallal theme park, we want to go ice skating. But we are wondering if girls of all ages would be allowed, we dont want to go there and find out that we arnt allowed if anyone can get answer this before the 25th of april i would be grateful. Thank You

    • AA said,

      of course all ages are allowed

  43. Raju said,

    Hello, I am raju from nepal. Today read all about jeddah in this web. Thanks for wonner of this page. Now i am in jeddah before 2 month. . I am newal married gyes. So some problem for me in hare. I want to call wy wife in here but can not arange my sallary my life my wife is a educated girl..i want to a job for lades please some one help me. . i am hindu. Jeddah is good city. It realy.

  44. samia said,


    Actually my bf stays in jeddah & works with a vry big company and vry good payskill also…he wants to marry me. My only concern & fear is:

    1. I wanted to knw can girls work thr aftr marraige? Im working in shipping co.
    2. What if my husband goes on biz tours, with whom can i go out if reqd to supermarkets to purchase things
    3. If thr is no theatre then hw people manage for entertainment?
    4. I heard husband locks d door n go to ofc, is this still happening?
    5. Do we have to cover our face also when wearing burkha?
    6. Does the house have windows or not?
    7. Are servants/maid available there?

    Everytime staying at home is impossible to stay, also pls tell me can a girl have a happy life thr. Im frm mumbai, i dont want to get bored and stuck in such strict environment…

    Pls do answer all my really worried to go ahead or not with this proposal…

  45. dr zeeshan ali said,

    hi ,i am an ent surgeon and offered by a private hospital in dubai with 12000 sr per month..including accomadation and travel tickets..should i grabe thbe offer ..i m still confused

  46. Madarasat-aniswal-diini said,

    How can i get sponsors from jeddah to assist in looking after a madaras primary scool in a rural set up

  47. Sham said,

    I am from Singapore.
    I just moved to Jeddah last week for a job opportunity as a Chef. It’s a total eye opening for me after reaching here.
    All i wanna know is, what can I do on my off days? Where can I go?
    Your advises are much appreciated.


    • Rens Metaal said,

      On Friday you can take a cab to the Sheraton Beach resort. Go diving or snorkeling or fishing…..that’s about all the excitement you can expect. The Red Sea however is one of the best places n the World to do just that. Marine life is abundant and beautiful.

  48. Maria said,

    Ive read the comments and most of it makes me laugh alot hhh sorry ! I remebermy self before 4 ..3 years hhhh

    I’ll try to answer u .. Im women from brazil , ilive in jeddah for 3 years now
    I did visit khobar ryadh ..

    First of all ill talk about it in general
    In saudi arabia capital cities ( dammam khobar ryadh jeedah jubail ) its not a night life to live and not to stay in home hhhh
    Here alcohol is not allowed u can have some in the embassy maybe , also kissing making sexual things in puplic not allowed get a room hhh
    No bars no night clups but sure there is a parties if u have a social life and make a lots of friends …

    Also if u go out in public areas malls restaurants coffe shops .. u can go and have fun but women should wear abaya to cover the body skin but dont have to cover thier face or hair… i saw alot of saudi girls with just abaya and its opend they wear jeans skirts ..
    About abayas u should know its a good traditon here first time i came i bought an black ugly one but when i kinw saudi girls i know that if u r an elgant girl u should buy good classy abaya it cost 1000 sr to 3000 sr , so i bought 3 abayas cost me 4000 sr for all , .. 1 was good stylish abaya , one colorful and one classy elegant wth swarvosky hhhh .!!! Now i liked alot its fashionable …
    Also girls women can go alone outsideto any where malls coffe shope u dont have to wait for ur husspand hhh u can hire a drive because u cant drivr outside ur compound..

    Also. In jeeda or dmam there is A sea thats mean there is beaches u can go there and have fun , if u go to a public beache
    Men and women can go and swim but women cant wear bikin its fine to wear little bit long shorts and t shirt , but if u go to aramco beach in khobar or to a private beach in jeddah which is alot its fine u can wear what ever u want ..

    Ummm what else
    Yes as i said here u will find alot of amazing malls good brands and shooping good restaurants and coffe shpes also capine which is smal villa in front of the beach ..And nooooo taxes 😀
    Also about the saudi male and female here i think they r very polit and welcoming i ve too many friends they invte us alot for dinners in thier home and going out they like too pay the pill if we go out for dinner for welcoming hhh thats kind of them ..
    Also most of them wear good brand clothe bags shoese jewels, when i become a friend wth the girls here i felt bad about my clothe 😦 and trying to buy more brand clothe but not all of theM r like that , just most of them ..

    Also if u have a good friend here like mine ,u dont have to hire a driver or take a taxi she will offer to pick u if u go together to mall or any where because i noticed almost all saudis have nice cars from mercedes to honda 🙂 and private drivers which the best hhhh

    About working offcours thers is alot of saudi women work here as doctors teachers nurses itc .. Mixed or seperat inistitues
    It depends in ur cv if its very good u will find an offer and have a good position
    One of my friend saudi pretty kind girl 26 years old maybe.. As she said hh ,
    She is an it prof in aramco .. she said they paid her a good salary and its fine .. her workmates is male and female.. no seperating rules in jobs its fine and allowed .

    What else to say
    In the compound u will find free jem groceries but u can find better jym like curves out side the compound but sure not free onehhh
    Also inside the compound i can walk out or go any where in my shorts its fine dont have to wear abaya
    As i saud in outside public areas women should wear at least abaya to cover ur body skin but dont have to cover ur hair

    And women could go any where by her self or wth friends or wth her husband its fine but offcours if u go alone u should take a taxi be cause not allowed to a drive a car outside ur compound

    I think its very good place to live for a family and kids good place there’s fun specially for women and the kids
    I thing single man may be board here
    I noticed most of fun or activities her better for women and also kids or all the family but may single man will be board alone here. Hhhhh i said every thing i think and sorry for my poor E language .

    • Marli Reis said,

      Hi Maria, do you still in Jeddah? I just moved in jeddah because my husband is working in here. Eu sou do Brasil, se voce tiver tempo livre para um cha ou cafe me avise. Obrigada, thank you. From Marli.

    • sonjamcdonell said,

      Yes, this is true what you say about saudi arabian girls and women. But I had an exception in Riad, the 23 yo Sunam, untouched and living alone in a little apartment. She smiled at me and asked me to have a coffee together. To keep me short. We spent 3 nights together and she was happy to loose ver virginity with my stiff tongue.
      Sonja McDonell, 25, flight attendant Swiss Airlines,

  49. Maria said,

    Samai ..
    Also sure there is windows and dont have to lock the door
    If ur husband out becaus i think its the safest country and every body help here ..
    Ur question make me laugh hhhh
    And u can go where ever u want alone or not .

    • maity said,

      Hai maria,
      Thanks for this valuable information. Presently i have got a opportunity in Jeddah as a Design Engineer. I am married. My son is in class nursery –I. I am an Indian.working in india presently. Could u please tell me whether there is ICSC board/CBSC board school or not? Because my child is studying here in ICSC Board in India. Can i purchase any car there and drive the car ?
      Awaiting your kind reply,

  50. Claire said,

    Hey, I am moving to Jeddah in August to teach in an International School. Am I allowed to go out for dinner etc with a western who is a male. I have a friend who is also going to be living there but after reading this are we not allowed to see each other?

    • Pierce Cobb said,

      Hi Claire,
      Above reading all the information, i think its quite ok to leave there i am moving Jeddah soon, my VISA getting. Hope we can meet & have a great time there.

  51. Kumar Akshay said,

    Hi guys…I am Indian IT prof. I’ll be moving to Jeddah sometime in Sep/Oct. Though the info provided above helps me a lot and ya thanks everybody for that. I have an additional query as well..”those western compounds everybody talked about, are they literally for people coming from west or as an Indian I may have access to those compounds (my company will be paying for accommodation )….and if possible please provide some more info on drinks( alcohol )….I am afraid for the possibility that I might be put in an area where all I get is a coffee and no beer//or whiskey… Thanks very much again…will wait for ur reply TC 🙂

  52. samira said,

    hey guys
    i’m gong to jeddah for the holidays (to stay with my grandma) and i would like to know if their is any good places to go to. I heard about al shalal but where is it in saudi arabia and how much does it cost for 1 adult?
    I am 13 but i will be gong out with my older bro that’s 18 – will i be allowed to go out by myself or is it better to go with my brother? One of the comments said that a lot of rape happens and because i was born in a western country i might get treated worse? If you are a muslim do you get treated better? Is everything expensive there?
    *Reply ASAP*

    • Habib said,

      My Dear sister samira,
      I had read your message!!
      About jeddah !! Everything is cheap here, but if you wana go to place for fun please dont be alone its lil bit dangerous or u’ll be not treat will as if u are with your older brother..
      Thank you take care!!

      • Habib said,

        Dear Friends.
        Im a Foreign guy i live in jeddah since 28 years and now im almost 31..
        Im looking for a job. I have much better experience in jeddah and i am a good salesman. I have my own car 2012 honda accord, i just need a good nice job.
        If you need me please contact me:
        Cellphone: 00966 569059003
        Or my email Add: ihab3b&
        If any one needs me

  53. maya said,

    thank you


  54. J said, – very interesting blog to find a job

  55. Adeel Ehsan said,

    hello friends….i m from pakistan i have done diploma in the course of safety officer is there any job for me?please if there is any then contact me 0599902074 thank u

  56. Josh said,

    Jeddah is changing. Women wear red and pink abaya and walk with abaya open. One day maybe cinema in Jeddah and Dammam.

  57. Josh said,

    Non-Saudi should have a different dress code in Jeddah and eastern region. Cover the elbow and just below the knee.

  58. Dzevad Adem Pandzic said,

    I would like to move to arabian kingdom, i jast don’t know how to do it. Does anybody have any english speaking contacts over there that i can ask for advice.

  59. mnawazkhan said,

    single girl for friendship

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