Anousheh Ansari, the Iranian-American, the first female space tourist!

September 18, 2006 at 11:12 am (Culture, Iran, Peace, United Sates)

Wow.. That’s what I call achievement!

“By reaching this dream I’ve had since childhood, I hope to tangibly demonstrate to young people all over the world that there is no limit to what they can accomplish,”

said Anousheh Ansari, chairman and co-founder of Prodea Systems, Inc. Ansari is the first female space tourists, and the first person of Iranian descent to travel to space.

Ansari left Iran since she was 14 to find a better future in the US, where she managed to finish her degree in Computer Engineering; she then married and opened a new communication company.. Soon, the company got sold for hundreds of millions of dollars, enabeling her to afford the approximate $20 million flight to the moon.

Ansari, any link to Al-Ansari family in Bahrain?, sits an example for ambitious women; they can do and achieve what they want, if they work hard for it. She thinks, as I do, that Irani people would love to have dialog with the Americans, but every-time the politics and power get involved it disrupts!

Interesting how the flag of Iran on one hand, and the American on the other; Blend of Civilizations!

Interesting info:

Anousheh Ansari Website and Her Blog
Space explorer photos
Ansari at Wiki
CNN: Female space tourist blasts off


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  1. roy said,

    This is how life should be in the world. People coming together, sharing, working and playing together. This is a triumph for all, especially Mrs. Ansari for dreaming and achieving something wonderful like this. I applaud her accomplishments, which no doubt came from studying, working hard and smart – though I am sure it wasn’t always a walk on rose petals for her. Her hard work and dedication has paid great dividends.

    But, on to the political side – As far as I understand the situation – Iran is one of the worst instigators of terrorists, including fueling Iraq and Afghanistan with fighters and killers to disrupt the progress in those counties. This is reported by most Iraqi and Afghani leaders. Ahmadinajad is calling for the destruction of Israel, and the US. Is seeking to get nukes, and weapons of mass destruction. Publically admits he wants to bring about the 12th Imam – which no doubt means a massive war waged between civilizations with untold death and destruction.

    And so many say Pres. Bush is the bad guy, and the world tyrant. All he has asked of Iran is for Ahmadinajad to stop his terrorist fueling, and not seek weapons of mass destruction, and even offering to help with peaceful nuclear power plants in Iran. Is that too much to ask? Evidently it is for Ahmadinijad. And, if he succeeds, the world will see just whom really is the Hitler, and destructor of our time. Even though he has already been announcing it for some time – I fear the world will come to see the untold evil the Iranian leader is seeking to unleash. Even then, there will be those whom blame the US, as usual.

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