Al-Zawahri calls on Westerners and Americans to convert to Islam!

September 3, 2006 at 7:53 am (Arabs & Muslims, Islam, Middle East, Religions, Terrorism, United Sates)

Today in the news, “Al-Zawahri calls on Westerners and Americans to convert to Islam!” No comment!!

Well yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, let’s just do it!! What does this dum a*s think? After pushing people away from Islam, now they come and ask them to convert? What kind of brains do these guys have? rusted-Pipsi-cans?

I was told that Al-Zawahri is a P.hD holder!! give me a break!! If you, Al-Zwahri, give me a 100000000000000000000.00 bucks to convert to your religion, which I certainly don’t believe is Islam, I WOULDN’T!! You need to convert to Islam before asking others to do so!!

Day-by-day, Al-zawahri and his gang draw black lines on our background; pulling our nice bushes from our back yard; throwing trash all over the front yard; making noise and more noise!

Kathleen Parker, an American Columnist, was wondering “How dare those thugs lecture Westerners about the loveliness of Islam while forcing religious conversion at gunpoint?” when Fox News Correspondents were kidnapped… Yes that’s very much true, how dare you, AlZawahri, too??!

To make the long story short.. I wanted you to see how people in the Arab/Muslim world reacts to such announcements from such crazy people..
Here is a link to a Google translation of the article from Arabic, that was posted in today; It might not be 100% accurate, but you can get the idea… SEE the COMMENTS!!


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