3-Days Weekend!!

August 30, 2006 at 8:12 am (Bahrain, Personal, United Sates)

Away from tension, my lovely small country is having huge economical improvements and developments.. The country, with a population of 700.000 only, recently signed the FTA (Free Trade Agreement) with the United States of America, opening the  tax-free trade door for businesses from both countries; adding to the economical status of Bahrain an advantage most countries here don’t enjoy..

Bahrain Financial Harbour- future
Bahrain Financial Harbour

Bahrain’s economy used to absolutely depend on oil and Aluminum refining; but realizing that the-little-oil is getting over soon, the government has pushed so hard the private sector, specifically the Services industry- Banking, Insurance, Investment, Tourism, etc., to open up… Many huge projects, i.e. Bahrain Financial Harbour, Bahrain Bay, Al Areen Desert Spa, Bahrain World Trade Centre, etc., are on its way to open in a year or so; steps to put Bahrain as a star in the map, and as a hub for financial services in the Middle East.. (I have added some websites on the margin under “Bahrain Category,” Enjoy!)

I did not talk about the 3-days weekend yet!!?
Our weekend has always been Thursday and Friday, like other Arab countries; This makes businesses lose 4 business-days (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) when trading internationally… However, a new legislation have been issued to change our weekend to (Friday and Saturday) reducing the international gap to 3 days only…
Such an order will start from the 1st of September, so this weekend will mark the end of the (TH-F) era… The change plan made of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of this week a weekend to mark the beginning of the (F-S) era; making it the first 3-days weekend in the history of Bahrain!! Woow..
I’m thinking of backing my bags for a 3-days trip to Kuwait or Dubai… loool..



  1. roy said,

    The pictures of Bahrain are beautiful. From the scenery to the architecture – so many incredible pictures. What a great venture, and project undertaking. It must be fantastic to see it in real life. I hope it’s success is beyond the goals and dreams imagined. Thanks

  2. monline said,

    Thanks mate,
    Oh Yea, I love these new architectures.. It looks very nice in nature..
    Roy, Visit this Blog:
    This is for a guy called Mahmood, who’s far more lebral than me; he’s one of the first bloggers in Bahrain.. He’s really good at it! He’s a photographer, and I really like his pictures.. http://www.flickr.com/photos/mahmood/

  3. roy said,

    Thank you for pointing out his site. I have saved it to my favorites, as I have yours. I have found open dialog, and opinions as you said.( pictures also) And I say we need more of this as well. I will continue to be encouraged in our living together harmonously as I encounter more like us – people whom are not controlled by an ideology, but, rather rationality, and in an equality of each other. Kindred Spirits in many ways, if you will. Thanks, again.

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