Nasrallah ‘did not think’ act would spark war

August 28, 2006 at 1:13 pm (Hezbollah, Israel, Lebanon, Middle East, Politics and War, Terrorism, United Sates)

Nasrallah ‘did not think’ act would spark war
Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah said in a TV interview aired Sunday that he would not have ordered the capture of two Israeli soldiers if he had known it would lead to such a war.

A friend of mine sent me the above article asking me if I still think Hezbollah is the one who sparked the “craziness.” My answer was:

No winners in wars, yes, I agree with that.. I see why America said NO to stopping it, to the UN, EU, Asia, Americas, Arab/Islamic World, and the American People!!

I have said before that I don’t support their first-action; but whether it’s a right or a wrong decision from their part, everybody cannot deny their right of doing it!!
If padducans occupy Murray farms and keeps thousands of murrians as prisoners; Murrians have the right to fight back, whether it’s the right way or not…

Only a naive would think that what caused this craziness is the Hezbolla’s act; this act was used as a cause; but this craziness has been there for a decade! If you listen to Galloway’s answer to Skynews, you’d easily undertand this: Israel was forced out of most of Lebanon in 2000, and is still there on some parts, and resistance to it is just legitimate! Israel’s offense was a rehabilitation to their defeat in 2000; and to return the prestige to of the invincible-army…

Israel’s actions, that’s been called “self-defense” is the unjustifiable on all aspects; An occupiers “actions” cannot be considered “actions-back/defense!!” Lebanese actions are the “Actions-back/defense” nonethless, even if it seems like actions!
If you read Olmert’s strategy and announcement everyday of the war, the only term you can give is “terrorism” to their actions.. Terrorism’s Defintion? go, “Mass-destroying a country to change Lebanese mind on hezbollah,” is like “mass-destroying the world trade center to change Americans minds on Israel!!”  Fighting civilians, to create horror, and get to what you want is exactly what they did, and exactly what you understand and don’t wanna admit.. Not to forget the illegal cluster bombs that nobody talks about!!!..

My justifications are valid; but regardless of how hard I try, a pro-Israel doesn’t listen because his/her mind is locked with one idea, and wants it through!



  1. roy said,

    To debate this issue is very tough. Anyone who doesn’t condem Isreal is called a sypathizer – especially if they are from the US. And, further is said to be blind to the actions of Isreal.

    Not coming from that region, and being absent of “experiencing” the conflicts from this issue – my perspective is of little importance, and can easily be discarded.

    But, the past is not ready to be let go by too many, on both sides. And, it’s always the same, it seems. It’s the other’s fault, or they started it by doing this, or that. Then comes the fighting/conflict – then a pause, from brief to months, then here it comes again.

    Should Isreal be occupying any land that is not theirs to hold – no! For the destruction of towns, and killing of innocent Lebanese people, they are wrong. Breaking any agreements on their part would be wrong

    Hezbollah, though, should not be a military regime acting outside of the Lebanese government. They began a conflict inside of the towns, and among the innocent people – drawing that destruction and killing in on the innocent people and town areas.

    Why didn’t they choose another battle ground? If they really loved the town, and the people of Lebanon – they should have fought elsewhere. Yet, they chose to continue to stay among the people and town to use them as cover. The town and many innocent people were destroyed. Then, they offer money and services to repair the damage, to try and gain favor to increase their influence.

    If I were a Murrian, and loved my fellow Murrians, and the town and buildings – I would fight the Paducans in their town, to damage it. Or if they came to Murray, I would lead them out into the woods so that we would fight there – so the town, and other innocents were not involved.

    Many Americans see this way – making Hezbollah to blame for much of the destruction to Labanon, and it’s people.

    We don’t know the history of issues like the peole from that region – but, we do see things in context such as I mention above. If you love something, you want to do all you can to protect it. Yet, it seemd that destrucion is what Hezbollah wanted, because it continued to fire from civilian and town areas, knowing that Isreal would fire back where they were.

    My hope is that peace is obtained. An agreement that all involved parties can agree on, and abide by. Not continuing to re-visit the past, but, working out the future through diplomacy.

  2. monline said,

    There is something roy that you guys are not aware of. This single thing is very important, and if you get it you get it all!
    Hezbollah is part of the community and are living there!! It’s their homes and it’s their families.. It’s just stupid to think that you care more about their families than they do themselves!! No evidences were provided on Israel’s part that hezbollah is using these houses as sheilds, any you have? Is it true just because they said so? I would be the first to blame Hezbollah if used civilian populations as bettle grounds. When all the masscares happened in the civilian areas, no casulities were found to be Hezbollah fighters!! All civilians, kids, women and elderly! If hezbollah was really using these places, there should be some place that, after the Israeli attack, weapons of Hezbollah be found among the toys remains!!
    BUT don’t u think destroying civilian houses is rather part of israel’s explicitly declared strategy of ‘returning lebanon 20 years back’ to convince lebanese cut their support to hezbollah?
    Isn’t killing the civilians in their houses is rather a part of destroying the infrastructure, ie bridges, roads, hospitals, ambulances, tv airing station, oil storage, buildings, farms, cemeteries!, airport, and all others?
    Were can we classify the 1,000,000 cluster bombs, thrown on civilian places, at the last 3 days of the war? THINK BIG: Those who did this would do anything crazy likewise to claim victory!

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