Reply to “State of Denial: The Abdication of Lebanese Leaders!”

August 20, 2006 at 9:12 am (Hezbollah, Israel, Lebanon, Middle East)

An article has been circulating the internet lately, “State of Denial: The Abdication of Lebanese Leaders!” by the supposedly labenese, Michael Behe, orginally published by the Metula News Agency, from whom it was translated from the French by Llewellyn Brown, and is reprinted with permission by The New Republic Online.

I have spent 2 hours today searching for such a name as Michael Behe, in both Arabic (Found nothing), and English (Found the same article thousands of times in Israeli and American websites) and I conclude this is a fictious person put for the sake of gathering support for what I call: the “War on Ethics.”

A comment posted on the on says: “MeNA – Metula News Agency – is based in a village in Northern Israel. The village is currently under Israeli Army curfew (while being bombarded by Nassrallah’s Katyushas).” This can clarify the matter, and make it easier to see why would a Lebanese be more Israeli than Israel itself!

The accuracy of the writer is very important. Because, if this guy is not Lebanese, as claimed in the title, then, it’s a black propaganda; what starts by a lie, ends with a lie.

The advantage/strengthes this article has is in its writer; and I don’t think it’s something trivial to ignore..

Moreover, most of the comments are not valid. Here we will go point-by-point with what the article said (I’m going to talk by a Lebanese tongue):

1. Any institution or organization, in any fields, would look like a government; and if a sophisticated organization, naturally it would have officers responsible of financials, logistics, education, etc. just like a country.. both are institutions!

2. Well, I agree with “Iran’s weapons part,” but the same apply for Israel; which is an extension to the United States! Why is it okay for Israel to get an open 24/7 supply of “smart” weapons, and not okay if others get from other places?

3. “We were no longer masters of our destiny!!!!!!” If Israel can attack with the most destructive and sophisticated weapons (and it did), you would only be master of your destiny if you have such constructions.. A resistance movement would better resign if it doesn’t prepare to fight back..

4. Lebanon is fighting only for itself; Why if Arabs show their bravery and patriotism, and finally win, they get discredited?

5. As you can tell from the scene, political leaders in Lebanon are revolving around Hezbollah, as well as everybody else: Hezbollah is part of the country, and its weapons would only be used for defending it; why would they fight to disarm it? Especially that their army is so weak.. It’s their national resistance movement, and it wasn’t, in Lebanon, an important topic.

6. OUR RADAR, OUR RADAR, OUR RADAR, OUR RADAR!!! What the?! Which radar is this guy talking about, the rusting? Did you see their military machines? it’s like a 100 years old!! Why wouldn’t Israel want them back, because it’s so easy to kidnap a 250 solders in a single small operation!!

7. Nobody Whined and griped on military losses; because the resistance lost un-proportionally less than Israel; we whine because of the unethical, unjust, and inhuman behaviours of Israel, that killed more than 300 children in this war; and the endless support it receives despite that.. By writing this article, Israel is playing the role of victim; can’t you tell by reading it in every .il site?

8. As long as there is occupation to the land, people have, under the international law, the right to defend themselves. Lebanon’s only way is resistance, that’s why they didn’t want to disarm Hezbollah. And since when did Israel respect the International Law and community? You saw by your eyes the news “UN: Israeli raid violates ceasefire”  if it was Lebanon that violated, sanctions would have already put against them.. Israel, however, fears nothing, because they know the United State is there with its veto.

9. Tying to show Syria and Lebanon as enemies has always been the case for Israel.. [don’t wanna talk about this, because I don’t have enough knowledge]

10. Bring me a single Lebanese that would defend Israel this way!!!!! There are who don’t agree with Hezbollah, but nor there are people defending Israel this way!!

11. “Who are we to stand against Israel?” Is this what a Lebanese saying?

12. “Israel a victim?” What a joke too?! Lebanon lost 9.2 billion dollars in infrastructure!! Now Lebanon Existed? Existed in a before-20-years Lebanon?? Now after destruction, you’re allowed to access all areas?! Because there are no doors left? Discussing the destruction of a whole neighborhood would only be possible when involving Syria.. Moreover, why would Israel be involve itself in opening these places, isn’t that a “Bletant interference in internal affairs!!”

13. “assassinating eight of its soldiers, kidnapping two others and, simultaneously, launching missiles on nine of its towns does not constitute a casus belli.” This, in military terms, un-proportional to what Israel has done!

14. What a silly disrespectful person!! Why do we reverse the course of “action-result.” If there was no occupation in 1982, there would be no resistance movement, neither national nor Islamic! It’s not “If there was no movement, there would be no occupation,” as this smart analyst say!! So according to his logic, “Israel’s blessing every missile Hezbollah is launching into its residential areas!”

15. For the “satellite map” and the figures of death; there was no reliable source given; and there are no evidences… All empty talk, that anyone in the street can do.. Half of Beirut is destroyed, see this, and he’s saying 5% only!! This is irrational, and cannot be believed by anyone who watch TV for 30 minutes a day.. Moreover, the news he’s giving seems like he’s one of the Mossad/solders or something?!

16. Yes, the roads, airport, ambulances, oil storage, etc. were put out of working order; because those would help Hezbo’s!! I can not stand reading this paragraph without laughing!! Liars, Iranians, anti-Semites?? Go watch CNN Galleries; they’re enough..

17. Put it this way: “all the rest of Beirut, 95% of Beirut, lives and breathes better than [20-years] ago.” Why don’t you talk in the Israeli radio? Nothing can be feared from Israeli planes! (I read this in some fairytale)!!

18. “Of course, there are some 500,000 refugees from the south who are experiencing a veritable tragedy and who are not smiling.” Do you not see?? All these thousands are celebrating the win?!!! All the flags?? All the dancing?? All the hard work to rebuild what has been destroyed.. Can you not be Lebanese in some way?

17. Again, all statistics that he refused to accept and the figures he gave of death tolls, have no scientific basis.. Please give me sources and facts..

18. “Like the overwhelming majority of Lebanese, I pray that no one puts an end to the Israeli attack before it finishes shattering the terrorists.” How did he come up with this??

19. “I pray that the Hebrew soldiers will penetrate all the hidden recesses of southern Lebanon and will hunt out,” Oh God please, give them power and strength to suck our resources!

20. “…I wish to express my infinite gratitude to the relatives of the Israeli victims – civilian and military – whose loved ones have fallen …” What about Lebanese victims? Is he against everybody in Lebanon?

21. I agree with this: “… only peace will ensure peace…” 

Last but not least, I think that this was enough to show that this is a propaganda that aims at disuniting Lebanon, and turning the results after the biggest loss the strongest air force has faced; and the 4th best military!.. Millions of Dollars were paid to change the public opinion both in America and the west, and unfortunately I can see the results.. Dear reader, Why do I hear not “a” single condemnation or criticism to Israel? Are they the representatives of the truth and freedom all the time in all actions? What about us? Are we the Representatives of the devil? We have devil and you have devil, and we need to extract both.. I admit we have one, the Binladins, but do you admit you have one??



  1. Assaf Oron said,

    Hi Ebrahim,

    I’m an Israeli dissident, and am writing a feature about the aforementioned “Behe”. Your hunch was right: I am positively certain that this is a fake name for an Israeli writer. The talking points you argued with are Israeli talking points, and not those of Lebanese who oppose Hizbullah.
    Hopefully soon the Daily Star and other outlets will publish my article once I complete it over the weekend.

    If you want to learn more, please email me.
    Yours, keep up the good work, Assaf
    ps: I also totally agree with you that Judaism and Islam are close; much closer to each other than they are to Christianity.
    Hence the notion of “Judeao-Christian values” is ridiculous. They have been butchering us for millenia, and suddenly we are partners in butchering Arabs! A nice deal we got ourselves into.

  2. monline said,

    Thanks Mr. Assaf for your thoughtful comment..
    Sure, I would be glad to learn more from you; and it would be a pleasure to read your article..
    please send me an e-mail on

    Wishing you best of Luck,

    M. Ebrahim

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