Honeymoon in the Engagement?!!

August 19, 2006 at 1:01 pm (Personal)

It’s the 20th day since I got engaged to a queen, called Ameera! Our engagement party was half traditional, and half modern. I still remember every single minute; it was an astonishing experience and, though paralleled the war on
Lebanon, I spent a wonderful time with my new fiancé (I promise to write about our Engagement ceremony some time soon). Because of my work, so we spent our 3-days honeymoon in Hewar Resort,

“Honeymoon in the Engagement?” my American friend wondered! Well, here is how it works (in Arabian Gulf Countries mainly):

Traditionally, and once upon a time, before the girl-and-boy-friends era, boys are not allowed to mix with girls or date “at all.” So, if you want to marry, it used to work this way: a consultation with your mom or sisters would lead you to choose some girl that you never talked to before. In order to date, however, you need to be married!! So, the tradition was that you get married (technically) but you don’t sleep with each other!! This is called the “engagement period,” and you’re supposed know each other during that period. By the time you decide you both are ready for marriage, a day would be decided to be your wedding day. In that day, a big party would be held to mark the first day you would sleep with each other, and “traditionally” be a husband and wife. From that day and on, the pride moves to the groom’s place and live together under one roof.

Now, time has changed. In most GCC countries, dating is being more acceptable, and the girl-and-boy-friend term is being used more often. Now, most girls and boys have high-tech cell phones, and date before engagement. Talking in the phone, or so-called “nursing,” is a common practice. Myself, I knew my fiancé a year before our engagement, and we got committed to each other since then. So, the engagement is technically a marriage. In my engagement, I already said, “I do,” as well as she. We both signed legal forms, and we’re a husband and wife under the law of
Bahrain. So that marked our first honeymoon.. Our wedding, that would be 1-2 years from now, would declare us, traditionally, a husband and wife, again, and we would be living with each other in a single home! At that time, we’ll be having another honeymoon, and that will be in


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