Hezbollah is Accused of Helping the People!!!

August 19, 2006 at 9:47 am (Hezbollah, Israel, Lebanon, Middle East, United Sates)

Lately in the news, Hezbollah has been giving USD 12,000 to each family that has a “totally” destroyed house. This campaign would cost them more than 150 Million dollars to help 15,000 families. This money is intended to help them rent a livable furnished apartment or a house for a whole year. Hezbollah, however, did not confirm the source of money. It’s widely believed, however, that Hezbollah is financially capable of doing so.

Destruction in Lebanon - Source: Alarabiya.comMeanwhile the US and Israel “accused” and “criticized” Hezbollah of helping people, which would get them people’s hearts and minds, by an Iranian money. Those same people refuse the American aids, according to CNN, because it’s shame to take money from one hand, to help fix the destruction of bombs paid by money from the other hand!! This puts the
US administration, which planned to pay $50 m in aids, in an embarrassing position. The delay in the process was blamed on the bureaucratic procedures.

I need to emphasize something I already talked about in this Blog; something very important and a biggy in the scene. This IS WIDELY BELIEVED TRUE here, whether I or you like it or not: Hezbollah is not an outsider to Lebanon; Hezbollah is not an agency; Hezbollah is born in Lebanon, and all its members are Lebanese; Hezbollah does not operate outside Lebanon; Hezbollah has no relationship with al-Qaeda or other “suicide-bombers;” Hezbollah operates in open-compacts for pre-defined and explicitly spoken goals to defend its land; All Lebanon is celebrating the win, and it is considered a Lebanese honor, because it’s a Lebanese resistance movement that defeated their occupier.. they are the freedom fighters
America consider terrorists.

I say this not because I support them, but because it is the “Arabic” true; the fact that most of my American friends cannot comprehend. This leads us to one conclusion: The United State position toward the conflict cut all ropes between the US and
Lebanon; and it will be really hard to fix the hard feelings.. I wish the Administration realizes this and acts fairly in the future; and I wish American people go for change.. may all nations live in love and peace..  


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