Have You Ever Hated Yourselves??

August 16, 2006 at 6:55 am (Middle East, United Sates)

Have you ever “hated” yourselves? Have you ever suspected goodness in yourself if you’ve done nothing?? Have you ever thought of yourself as of lesser race? Have you ever felt that you’re guilty just because you were born on that specific coordinates inadvertently? Have you ever cried and laughed the same time?

That’s my feeling when I watch TV in America for a whole week! And, maybe you would feel the same way, if you understand Arabic and watch news in Arabic channels for that same period!

When what your entire mind is directed to is the “American Dream,” you can’t think about others’ dreams or nightmares! When you see the “Dubai Ports” coverage you cry; why? every Arab, whether moderate, educated, rich, westernized, etc. still remains a suspected terrorist and a threat to US Security! When you see the “double standards” right in front of you, when oppressive Arab governments like Saudi Arabia becomes a strategic Ally! When mass-destruction becomes self-defense! When how free we are depends on the results of our elections, if we ever had one! When resistance to occupation is considered extremism!

I watch/read news from Aljazeera, Almanar, Jouralism post, BBC news, CNN, FOX news, Alwasat, Alayam, and the York Times EVERYDAY. I claim that Aljazeera and BBC Channels were more fair and objective when broadcasting the last conflict than American news channels. It presented both opinions; it interviewed Lebanese, Hezbollah’, and Israeli ministers everyday. How would you, however, get a fair coverage from channels that strongly and explicitly support one side?



  1. Sarah said,

    Well, you should know by now not to hate yourself for that. You know the truth about yourself, just as I know the truth that I myself am not a blood-sucking demon from hell that eats little children just because I was born in the US.

    Human nature is the same all around the world. You have good people and bad people wherever you go. Zealots have been woven in the tapestry of history and have always given people bad names.

    The truth of it all is that if the average person with good values: love, understanding, compassion, comprimise, truth, justice, and reason would step up to the plate in all countries, this would end. Unfortunately, usually the first of these qualities, as well as the desire to live in peace unharassed, makes the average person become complacent until they find themselves in unwanted situations. This holds true all around the globe and throughout history. If the average citizen in Iraq stepped up to the plate and tackled the problems of homocide-bombers and the likes then it would turn the tide and they might eventually find peace. Sure, it will cost lives now, but how many more will die if zealous people are allowed to continue as they have been? Iraq is being reborn, and like all births blood and pain is involved. It never comes easy. But they also have to be willing to separate their religion from the law, because that’s what’s causing religious friction over there. If everyone were allowed to practice their own beliefs as they saw fit, without physical harm to others, than maybe they wouldn’t be so afraid of who is in office. Fear is often the driving force for violence to one another.

    A woman ought to be able to walk down the street in a pair of shorts and head uncovered if she doesn’t believe the same thing you (in the general sense) do. Does that make her immoral? Certainly not. If she choses to wear or not to wear a certain thing, it should be her own individual choice. Just as a woman who believes in keeping her head covered should have the right to do just that, too.

    I can’t say there is a god. I was raised to believe in a god, but I can’t believe there is a compassionate god that delights in seeing others killed or rewards opression of any kind. And that’s of any god in history. How petty would that be? But looking at all the events going on in the world, as an average person, you have to sit back and think “What is the point of it all?”

    It’s a power struggle. That’s what I see. Religion is just one of the tools in holding power, violence is another. But what point is there, really, in holding power over another human being? You get the few people in power who don’t want to lose power so they start fear-mongering. Spreading fear throughout the masses in order to get support and anger stirred up so they can do what they need to do to hold power.

    I read a book once, called Wizard’s First Rule. And the first rule is this: “People are stupid. People will believe a lie either because they want to believe it’s true or they fear that it’s true.” There are lies being told on all sides. Politicians, no matter where they are, are all alike. It’s a rare person in a political office that really wants to do right by the people they are suppose to be serving.

    Ok, I’ve rambled on long enough. Just don’t take the stuff personally. You know the person you really are and that’s all that matters. And you have made friends here who know who you are. Be true to yourself. We are all individuals.

  2. monline said,

    Thanks Sarah for Commenting..
    This was the first comment, and I am happy for it, and happy for the increasing number of readers everyday..

    Well, when I say “hate myself,” I don’t mean the literal meaning. In Arabic, we say it when things are bad all around you, and you can find no solution.

    I agree with what you say, struggle for power is what derives oppression and injustice. Yes, if good average person step up, things will change to better, but it is not that simple! Especially in the Middle-East: social and political structure is so sophisticated. Those in power, who are not good, have always been there, and are supported by many super-powers. People are looking for freedom, and they’re struggling day-by-day.

    A woman should be able to walk in whatever she likes to wear, but such change can only come from within the society, and it’s hard to introduce it directly from outside. Separation of religion from politics is a hard mission, and cannot be accomplished by a 1, 2, or 10-years war on Iraq.. Yes, we needed such war to birth a new democracy, but, the “Freedom” and “American Values” doctrine and policies should be consistence over time, and from place to another.. See this article https://monline.wordpress.com/must-read/us-security/, and it’d be easier for you to understand how change should be addressed differently..

    I am against aggression, against injustice, against tyranny, against barbarism, and against arrogance; whether it be from Muslims or Israelis.. from Russians or Americans..

    It’s hard to feel the emotions here if you are sitting in an air-conditioned room in San Antonio or Nashville watching TV. I wish I can deliver it to you, and I really appreciate your valuable visit..

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