Is there an End??!

August 13, 2006 at 3:06 pm (Middle East)

A bloody month passed in the Middle-East, finally, with a cease-fire pact by the United Nations. Long been waited by people, the pact that was intentionally vetoed by world greatest powers, is finally enacted. Looking after their own benefits and goals, those powers give the green light for such an offensive, leading to an unbelievable destruction and disruption to the world economy.  Looking at the results of the war, all those involved arrived at none of their goals.

Here I can say so much.. But, I’m speechless.. I will leave you with these cartoons:

800-900 Lebanese civilians and 30 Israeli Civilians killed!!

This is a typical Arabic opinion, and it turned, unfortunately, when the US sent “smart” missiles to Israel last month..

The US vetoing any pact relating to Israel..

Our Beautiful Lebanon.. Greed of human-beings..



Israel accepting UN 1701 act.

Israel and Hezbollah booming everything, before the implementation of 1701



  1. andy said,

    i’m not seeing any cartoons. ???

  2. monline said,

    Sorry!! I put them now;)

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