Galloway: ‘The Violence Will Go On’

August 12, 2006 at 7:35 am (Hezbollah, Israel, Lebanon, Middle East)

The only justification Israel is giving for its ultra-violent destruction to our, small country,
Lebanon is the “abduction of the 2 solders by Hezbollah.” And this justification has gained so much approval in the western countries, having been brainwashed by the biased media. Shamefully, the media broadcast the show as if it has started one month ago, and ironically, the conflict has been there for decades. Who has started the war? Who is winning? Why Hezbollah is gaining so much support? Should Iran be involved?? There are many questions awaiting answers: who, how, why, where and when??..

With a different prospective, Mr. George Galloway answers these questions in a 5-star interview with Skynews; this interview has gained so much publicity, and got thousands and thousands of comments and e-mails.. Follow the link and enjoy:

Galloway on SkynewsGalloway: ‘The Violence Will Go On’ – Israel invades Lebanon


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