Murray State Libraries’ Objectivity Questioned..

August 9, 2006 at 1:47 pm (Israel, Lebanon, United Sates)

I graduated last May from a great university called “Murray State University.” I have allways been proud to be in a racial-discrimination-free university like Murray’s; a neutral one when it comes to education and news..

I think, However, in the e-mail sent on 7/28/06 with the title of “MSU Libraries Urge Students to Take Advantage of World News Center,” MSU Libraries was biased and unfair, by recommending a source of news,  Jerusalem Post (An Israeli news paper), which talks in the name of Israel; and would NEVER show the other end’s opinion; and hence Unfair..

Furthermore, the e-mail is providing Jerusalem Post for a “differing perspective in lieu of,” which is totally unrealistic..

These sentences show how biased the e-mail was; and that I consider “manipulation” of students opinions. 

Unfortunately, this is not an advertisement:

  • In the wake of continuing air attacks, bombings and gunfight in the Middle East, specifically Israel [Not Lebanon], Murray State University Libraries urge students to take advantage of World News Center.
  • The Jerusalem Post, a newspaper based in the Middle East, provided readers with developing accounts of fatal attacks occurring on Wednesday July, 19. 
  • The Jerusalem Post reported in real-time of specific events of attacks, which took the lives of two soldiers of the elite IDF unit of Maglan and wounding five others, including play-by-play accounts of this deadly IDF attack. 
  • Unlike many American based news sources, the Jerusalem Post was not plagued by time delays, incomplete information or geographical hindrances. 
  • A link to Jerusalem Post can be found on World News Center. 
  • World News Center also provides users with direct links to other Israeli and other Middle Eastern newspapers covering the same news events. 

A problem that persists in America, the media,. The news show nothing but part of the true. More than 400 civilians in Lebanon were killed by the high-tech/precise/Advanced/US-Made weapons of the defending-itself Israel, that’s a 100 times more of causalities than that of Hezbollah!!!!! The US is fully-supporting it, and has been standing against cease-fire since its start 15 days ago, by ALL-means. That’s, being more Israeli than Israel itself. All the infrastructure is brought to its knees, nothing is left; bridges & roads, hospitals, oil storage [where Hizbollah is hiding!!], the airport, the UN office, houses & hotels, etc.; for what?? Two solders were kidnapped?? Ironically, half of Palestinian GOVERNMENT was already kidnapped by Israel!!!!!?? who said what??? Did the CNN/Fox/etc. or the Jourlism Post invite Hizbollah/Hamas give their talk? Why Americans hear nothing but the Isreali opinon? Because those are terrorists? Israel said so? that’s the fact than? The above, is just part of the talk that you’ll find neither in Jerusalem Post nor CNN; two faces of one coin!

Instead of recommending a “basket” of sources, MSU News is recommending Israel’s Journal Post as a replacement for the one-sided American media; and doing nothing but adding to the problem of America.. This hurts every peace-loving person on campus, and I Hereby, hope this e-mail gets listening ears.. Best Regards,


Computer Information Systems Alumni ’06

 [Note: See Murray State’s Response in the Comments]


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  1. monline said,

    As I have always thought, Murray State University cares about students and alumni’s opinions and feedbacks.. I hearyby thanks Murray State for their valuable response, that maintains its neutrality on all political issues.
    Murray State has kindly responded with this message:

    Response to Alumni Complaint Concerning MSU Libraries All-User E-mail

    MSU Libraries in no way supports or aims to take sides in any political discussion. However, it has been brought to the attention of MSU Libraries’ administration that a recent all-user e-mail sent on July 28th titled, “MSU Libraries Urge Students to Take Advantage of World News Center,” was deemed biased and unfair in regards to the Middle East conflict.

    The purpose of the mass e-mail was to increase student awareness and use of the World News Center, a site available to all MSU students, faculty, staff and alumni via the MSU Libraries Web site. Though the e-mail made use of one specific publication to illustrate the function and purpose of the site, MSU Libraries in no way believes the particular publication to be the only credible source for information in regards to this ongoing conflict.

    Furthermore, such debate as seen in the user complaint is justifiable means as to the importance of student awareness and use of the World News Center as it provides a method for furthering student knowledge and conversant skills on current events facing our world from a variety of perspectives apart from commonly used news sources such as The World News Center provides links to journalistic publications from countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North and South America, and also includes an international news source and Web guide.

    MSU Libraries apologizes for any perceived biases the all-user e-mail could have produced and maintains its neutrality on all political issues.

    It is MSU Libraries’ mission to provide students with resources to further their educational development in and out of the classroom such as with the World News Center. Such discussions, as witnessed in the complaint, are encouraged as they illustrate the importance of being educated on all sides of an issue in order to produce effective and insightful thinking, arguments and feedback.

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