heartbreaking Lebanon

August 7, 2006 at 3:06 pm (Hezbollah, Israel, Lebanon, Middle East, United Sates)

Yesterday, I sent an e-mail showing some heart breaking pictures from Lebanon to those I know, both Americans and Arabs.. I received a reply today from a somone I like so much, which says: 

Yes indeed…heart breaking! The same type of letter and image is coming from many places where Islamic fascists are using violence in trying to impose their will and their beliefs on others so that others do not have freedom! Afganistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Israel, Nigeria, Indonesia, France, Great Britain, New York City and else where have all suffered at the hands of these criminals!    DO NOT forget that Hisbolla started this most current blood letting! May they all rot in HELL! And since I wanted, so long, to write about this; I would like to share the reply with you dearest readers… It’s an opinion, that most Arabs share, and I hope you get out of the box before you read it…

Dear, I know exactly how you feel about it.. But let’s not be unjust when judging the whole situation.. Assuming Hezbollah are terrorists, why wouldn’t we call what Israel’s doing terrorism? Is it self-defense killing 700 people, most are civilians in mass-distruction-over war? Is it self-defense destroying ALL the infrastructure of a WHOLE country because of two solders, and that would include oil storage, roads, buildings, bridges, hospitals, the Airport, etc? Is it self-defense booming a refugee building full of kids and killing more than 60? Is it self-defense “bringing back Lebanon 20 years back?!!!!” as carelessly announced by Israeli official?? Is it self-defense destroying the only democratic Arab country, Lebanon??  

Dear, Let’s not mix the facts.. Let’s not term everything we want the way we want it.. I don’t fully support Hezbollah, and I don’t support their first move, but I claim that the US & Israel cannot be both the Judge and the Police.. Hezbollah existed in the 80s when Israel OCCUPIED southern
Lebanon, and it’s the RIGHT of Lebanese to defend their land.. Thousands of Lebanese and Arabs are still detained in Israeli prisons, and lebanon’s land is still occupied!!! Why don’t we call it a resistance movement?? Because it’s easy for
Israel to call it a “terrorist Organization,” which would make its life easier when gathering world-wide support.. Why media is not allowed to broadcast the facts to world from Israel?? Analyze this..

 Hezbollah, unlike Al-Qaeda, has definite goals and beliefs; all what they do is defend their lands.. Not to forget that Hezbollah is part of
Lebanon, and is supported by almost all Lebanese, and the government.. They did not bomb Afganistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Israel, Nigeria, Indonesia, France, Great Britain, New York City and else where.. And unlike Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah has a Arab-Nationals-Wide support, and is recognized by so many sittings world-wide as a legitimate organizations.. Put it this way, Al-Qaeda itself would be so happy to fight Hezbollah if offered the support by the US and


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