3-Days Weekend!!

August 30, 2006 at 8:12 am (Bahrain, Personal, United Sates)

Away from tension, my lovely small country is having huge economical improvements and developments.. The country, with a population of 700.000 only, recently signed the FTA (Free Trade Agreement) with the United States of America, opening the  tax-free trade door for businesses from both countries; adding to the economical status of Bahrain an advantage most countries here don’t enjoy..

Bahrain Financial Harbour- future
Bahrain Financial Harbour

Bahrain’s economy used to absolutely depend on oil and Aluminum refining; but realizing that the-little-oil is getting over soon, the government has pushed so hard the private sector, specifically the Services industry- Banking, Insurance, Investment, Tourism, etc., to open up… Many huge projects, i.e. Bahrain Financial Harbour, Bahrain Bay, Al Areen Desert Spa, Bahrain World Trade Centre, etc., are on its way to open in a year or so; steps to put Bahrain as a star in the map, and as a hub for financial services in the Middle East.. (I have added some websites on the margin under “Bahrain Category,” Enjoy!)

I did not talk about the 3-days weekend yet!!?
Our weekend has always been Thursday and Friday, like other Arab countries; This makes businesses lose 4 business-days (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) when trading internationally… However, a new legislation have been issued to change our weekend to (Friday and Saturday) reducing the international gap to 3 days only…
Such an order will start from the 1st of September, so this weekend will mark the end of the (TH-F) era… The change plan made of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of this week a weekend to mark the beginning of the (F-S) era; making it the first 3-days weekend in the history of Bahrain!! Woow..
I’m thinking of backing my bags for a 3-days trip to Kuwait or Dubai… loool..


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Woud Bush accept Ahmadinajad’s call for debate?

August 29, 2006 at 3:10 pm (Iran, Middle East, United Sates)

Right before I left work, tired and wanna go home, I checked out CNN when the headline took all my attention:

Iran’s leader calls for TV debate with Bush http://edition.cnn.com/2006/WORLD/meast/08/29/iran.nuclear/index.html

I don’t really have time to comment on this.. But I think it would just be ingnored like Ahmadinajad’s long letter to George W. Bush some time ago… I really would like to see such a debate@@

I will leave you think for yourself in this one.. I never wrote about this topic for its sensitivity, but I promise to write soon…..

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Nasrallah ‘did not think’ act would spark war

August 28, 2006 at 1:13 pm (Hezbollah, Israel, Lebanon, Middle East, Politics and War, Terrorism, United Sates)

Nasrallah ‘did not think’ act would spark war
Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah said in a TV interview aired Sunday that he would not have ordered the capture of two Israeli soldiers if he had known it would lead to such a war.

A friend of mine sent me the above article asking me if I still think Hezbollah is the one who sparked the “craziness.” My answer was:

No winners in wars, yes, I agree with that.. I see why America said NO to stopping it, to the UN, EU, Asia, Americas, Arab/Islamic World, and the American People!!

I have said before that I don’t support their first-action; but whether it’s a right or a wrong decision from their part, everybody cannot deny their right of doing it!!
If padducans occupy Murray farms and keeps thousands of murrians as prisoners; Murrians have the right to fight back, whether it’s the right way or not…

Only a naive would think that what caused this craziness is the Hezbolla’s act; this act was used as a cause; but this craziness has been there for a decade! If you listen to Galloway’s answer to Skynews, you’d easily undertand this: Israel was forced out of most of Lebanon in 2000, and is still there on some parts, and resistance to it is just legitimate! Israel’s offense was a rehabilitation to their defeat in 2000; and to return the prestige to of the invincible-army…

Israel’s actions, that’s been called “self-defense” is the unjustifiable on all aspects; An occupiers “actions” cannot be considered “actions-back/defense!!” Lebanese actions are the “Actions-back/defense” nonethless, even if it seems like actions!
If you read Olmert’s strategy and announcement everyday of the war, the only term you can give is “terrorism” to their actions.. Terrorism’s Defintion? go dictionary.com, “Mass-destroying a country to change Lebanese mind on hezbollah,” is like “mass-destroying the world trade center to change Americans minds on Israel!!”  Fighting civilians, to create horror, and get to what you want is exactly what they did, and exactly what you understand and don’t wanna admit.. Not to forget the illegal cluster bombs that nobody talks about!!!..

My justifications are valid; but regardless of how hard I try, a pro-Israel doesn’t listen because his/her mind is locked with one idea, and wants it through!

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Fox news correspondents converted to Islam? The Joke

August 27, 2006 at 10:16 am (Islam, Religions, Terrorism)

Today in the news: The two kidnapped hostages, by an unknown so-called Islamic radical group, were shown in a video tape announcing “we have converted to Islam!!” Is this a joke?!
What is the political importance of such announcement? What good will this adds to the radical group or Islam? Would anyone believe this as a real, true, from-the-heart conversion?
A religion can never be imposed on people, and I myself would rather be atheist than to have a religion imposed on me.. Real Islam teaches us not to impose our beliefs on others; Allah said in the Quran:

 10:99 And if thy Lord willed, all who are in the earth would have believed  together. Wouldst thou (Muhammad) compel men until they are believers?

And He said, adding that Muslims shouldn’t impose their beliefs and religious rules and acts on others:

 109:1 Say (Muhammad): O disbelievers!
 109:2 I worship not that which ye worship;
 109:3 Nor worship ye that which I worship.
 109:4 And I shall not worship that which ye worship.
 109:5 Nor will ye worship that which I worship.
 109:6 Unto you your religion, and unto me my religion.

So who are those, who claim to be Muslims, to impose Islam on others? Are they lying on themselves by believing their joke?!!

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Religious Tolerance.. A Myth?

August 26, 2006 at 1:32 pm (Arabs & Muslims, Culture, Islam, Peace, Religions)

Is there a religion that tolerates other religions? In a discussion with a chief justice of a Religious Court of Appeals of some Arab country, and after been asked the question, surprisingly, his answer was “NO!”

According to him, there is nothing such a “Religious Tolerance.” For a religion to be “tolerant,” he claims, it should recognize members of other religions as equal in rights and status to its participants; and that’s not possible, because religions exist to acknowledge the righteous of its creed and rituals, and the superiority of its God over others’; and hence promises them of the rewards (i.e. Heavens), and warns others of punishment (i.e. hell).

Sticking to your  “religious Identity,” while being a conservative the same time, automatically leads to non-recognition of the equality of your status with others who have different identities. Thus, a diversified country with one religious law, e.g. Islamic or Jewish Law, can never deal equally with its members! i.e. Saudi Arabia

According to him, being “Too Religious” is like “drinking so much water!” Water is necessary and good, but too much of it would lead to your destruction.. Referring to the religion before doing anything, leaves religious clerks talk religious, political, medical, psychology, etc.. An Example is Politics. Many problems in the Muslim World arise because fundamentals do not recognize that Muhammad, was two in one: a “Religious Messengers,” and “Political Leader,” and that means, his decisions were in two categories: “Religious Acts,” and “Political Acts.” The latter was meant to be practiced and used at that specific time and place, and not universal like the religious ones. Diversified societies cannot depend on political acts declared 1500-3000 years ago, simply because political complexe of the current world is different. The same applies for all Religions. More problematic, we find religious people exchange attacks to prove the other wrong using such “non-religious acts.”

The western world wasn’t able to solve its problems without separating the religion from the state.. Yet still, we see such biasness everywhere in this world, because there is always the part of religious people that tells them, “you are superior.” Finally, I would say, “Intolerance” will not always exist unless we deal with each other using our “HUMAN IDENTITIES.”

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Simple Questions for Americans… Do you help increasing or reducing terrorism?

August 22, 2006 at 9:33 am (Arabs & Muslims, Islam, Media, Middle East, Palestine, Peace, Politics and War, Terrorism, United Sates, War on Terrorism)

I have been hearing a lot of this idea: “Moderate Muslims [We] are the only one who can stop their [our] Extremists counterparts!”
To some extent I agree with this; in the since of us moving against them and teaching people the right way, solving our curriculums… But to a great extent, “We cannot do much if you don’t help!!” By this, I mean, the solution is mainly within your hands.. Instead of fighting the results, you need to fight the causes, and this is not being fairly broadcasted enough.

However, the way many Americans and the American Media puts it, “The Western World makes no mistakes, and all problems are cause by the Islamic World,” and I think this does not help us and you solve our problems.

To be in the same page:
I have simple questions; for which, I received no answers, although I asked several Americans, several times:

1. What do you think about the movie I posted:
A. Do you not think this is a BIGGY!!??
B. Do you think American Media show what’s going on in the Middle-East??
C. Isn’t America so much biased to Israel?
D. Does this help create or reduce terrorism? Don’t you think this would help terrorists recruit more?

2. What do you think about this article: US Security and Islam
A. Don’t you think US Policy plays a big part in creating more terrorism?? Don’t you think this would help terrorists recruit more?

3. Do you not condemn the killing of thousands of civilians by Israeli
forces, with cold blood? Is this not as cruel as suicide booming??
A. Don’t you think “supplying Israel with weapons 24/7,” while claiming to be a neutral party, help increase the hatred against you? Don’t you think this would help terrorists recruit more?

4. Why does the US veto EVERY/ANY condemnation to Israel??
A. Are they God’s Chosen Children??
B. Are they Sinless and Mistake-less?
C. Does “Religious Beliefs” i.e. the “promised Land and return of the Lord,” which might add some biasness in a way or another, play an important part in shaping the US Policy?
D. Why is the “Peace Process” Endless?
E. Don’t you think this is a MAJOR factor of “Creating” more terrorism? Don’t you think this would help terrorists recruit more?

5. Why does the United State support Arab Utilitarian Oppressive Governments, that are not better than Saddam’s Govt, and consider them an Ally?
A. How ethical is this?
B. Don’t you think this would help terrorists recruit more, using “America plays a big part of your oppression”?
C. How does this help in the War on Terrorism?

All these questions, if looked at, and studied very well, would help a lot in eliminating the Terrorism “Mentality,” not just terrorists…
I am happy to see my readership is increasing 50% everyday, and I wish with that increase comments increase too..

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Peace, Propaganda and The Promised Land (Must-See)

August 21, 2006 at 7:21 am (Israel, Lebanon, Media, Middle East, Palestine, Peace, United Sates)

Here is a Must-See documentary for all Americans.. Here, you will see one of the biggest reasons behind the gap between our ideas, and what is really making your opinions so much different than ours regarding the Middle-East Conflict..

[Modification] The movie is created by Americans, Jews, and Christians; Doctors, Journalists, and very knowledgable people.. It’s a wonderful piece of work..



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Islam is NOT Terrorism

August 20, 2006 at 3:00 pm (Culture, Islam, Middle East)

This to bring to everybody’s attention to my paper, “Islam vs Terrorism,” that is posted along with “My papers and Columns” on https://monline.wordpress.com/?page_id=23

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Reply to “State of Denial: The Abdication of Lebanese Leaders!”

August 20, 2006 at 9:12 am (Hezbollah, Israel, Lebanon, Middle East)

An article has been circulating the internet lately, “State of Denial: The Abdication of Lebanese Leaders!” by the supposedly labenese, Michael Behe, orginally published by the Metula News Agency, from whom it was translated from the French by Llewellyn Brown, and is reprinted with permission by The New Republic Online.

I have spent 2 hours today searching for such a name as Michael Behe, in both Arabic (Found nothing), and English (Found the same article thousands of times in Israeli and American websites) and I conclude this is a fictious person put for the sake of gathering support for what I call: the “War on Ethics.”

A comment posted on the on tnr.com says: “MeNA – Metula News Agency – is based in a village in Northern Israel. The village is currently under Israeli Army curfew (while being bombarded by Nassrallah’s Katyushas).” This can clarify the matter, and make it easier to see why would a Lebanese be more Israeli than Israel itself!

The accuracy of the writer is very important. Because, if this guy is not Lebanese, as claimed in the title, then, it’s a black propaganda; what starts by a lie, ends with a lie.

The advantage/strengthes this article has is in its writer; and I don’t think it’s something trivial to ignore..

Moreover, most of the comments are not valid. Here we will go point-by-point with what the article said (I’m going to talk by a Lebanese tongue):

1. Any institution or organization, in any fields, would look like a government; and if a sophisticated organization, naturally it would have officers responsible of financials, logistics, education, etc. just like a country.. both are institutions!

2. Well, I agree with “Iran’s weapons part,” but the same apply for Israel; which is an extension to the United States! Why is it okay for Israel to get an open 24/7 supply of “smart” weapons, and not okay if others get from other places?

3. “We were no longer masters of our destiny!!!!!!” If Israel can attack with the most destructive and sophisticated weapons (and it did), you would only be master of your destiny if you have such constructions.. A resistance movement would better resign if it doesn’t prepare to fight back..

4. Lebanon is fighting only for itself; Why if Arabs show their bravery and patriotism, and finally win, they get discredited?

5. As you can tell from the scene, political leaders in Lebanon are revolving around Hezbollah, as well as everybody else: Hezbollah is part of the country, and its weapons would only be used for defending it; why would they fight to disarm it? Especially that their army is so weak.. It’s their national resistance movement, and it wasn’t, in Lebanon, an important topic.

6. OUR RADAR, OUR RADAR, OUR RADAR, OUR RADAR!!! What the?! Which radar is this guy talking about, the rusting? Did you see their military machines? it’s like a 100 years old!! Why wouldn’t Israel want them back, because it’s so easy to kidnap a 250 solders in a single small operation!!

7. Nobody Whined and griped on military losses; because the resistance lost un-proportionally less than Israel; we whine because of the unethical, unjust, and inhuman behaviours of Israel, that killed more than 300 children in this war; and the endless support it receives despite that.. By writing this article, Israel is playing the role of victim; can’t you tell by reading it in every .il site?

8. As long as there is occupation to the land, people have, under the international law, the right to defend themselves. Lebanon’s only way is resistance, that’s why they didn’t want to disarm Hezbollah. And since when did Israel respect the International Law and community? You saw by your eyes the news “UN: Israeli raid violates ceasefire”  if it was Lebanon that violated, sanctions would have already put against them.. Israel, however, fears nothing, because they know the United State is there with its veto.

9. Tying to show Syria and Lebanon as enemies has always been the case for Israel.. [don’t wanna talk about this, because I don’t have enough knowledge]

10. Bring me a single Lebanese that would defend Israel this way!!!!! There are who don’t agree with Hezbollah, but nor there are people defending Israel this way!!

11. “Who are we to stand against Israel?” Is this what a Lebanese saying?

12. “Israel a victim?” What a joke too?! Lebanon lost 9.2 billion dollars in infrastructure!! Now Lebanon Existed? Existed in a before-20-years Lebanon?? Now after destruction, you’re allowed to access all areas?! Because there are no doors left? Discussing the destruction of a whole neighborhood would only be possible when involving Syria.. Moreover, why would Israel be involve itself in opening these places, isn’t that a “Bletant interference in internal affairs!!”

13. “assassinating eight of its soldiers, kidnapping two others and, simultaneously, launching missiles on nine of its towns does not constitute a casus belli.” This, in military terms, un-proportional to what Israel has done!

14. What a silly disrespectful person!! Why do we reverse the course of “action-result.” If there was no occupation in 1982, there would be no resistance movement, neither national nor Islamic! It’s not “If there was no movement, there would be no occupation,” as this smart analyst say!! So according to his logic, “Israel’s blessing every missile Hezbollah is launching into its residential areas!”

15. For the “satellite map” and the figures of death; there was no reliable source given; and there are no evidences… All empty talk, that anyone in the street can do.. Half of Beirut is destroyed, see this, and he’s saying 5% only!! This is irrational, and cannot be believed by anyone who watch TV for 30 minutes a day.. Moreover, the news he’s giving seems like he’s one of the Mossad/solders or something?!

16. Yes, the roads, airport, ambulances, oil storage, etc. were put out of working order; because those would help Hezbo’s!! I can not stand reading this paragraph without laughing!! Liars, Iranians, anti-Semites?? Go watch CNN Galleries; they’re enough..

17. Put it this way: “all the rest of Beirut, 95% of Beirut, lives and breathes better than [20-years] ago.” Why don’t you talk in the Israeli radio? Nothing can be feared from Israeli planes! (I read this in some fairytale)!!

18. “Of course, there are some 500,000 refugees from the south who are experiencing a veritable tragedy and who are not smiling.” Do you not see?? All these thousands are celebrating the win?!!! All the flags?? All the dancing?? All the hard work to rebuild what has been destroyed.. Can you not be Lebanese in some way?

17. Again, all statistics that he refused to accept and the figures he gave of death tolls, have no scientific basis.. Please give me sources and facts..

18. “Like the overwhelming majority of Lebanese, I pray that no one puts an end to the Israeli attack before it finishes shattering the terrorists.” How did he come up with this??

19. “I pray that the Hebrew soldiers will penetrate all the hidden recesses of southern Lebanon and will hunt out,” Oh God please, give them power and strength to suck our resources!

20. “…I wish to express my infinite gratitude to the relatives of the Israeli victims – civilian and military – whose loved ones have fallen …” What about Lebanese victims? Is he against everybody in Lebanon?

21. I agree with this: “… only peace will ensure peace…” 

Last but not least, I think that this was enough to show that this is a propaganda that aims at disuniting Lebanon, and turning the results after the biggest loss the strongest air force has faced; and the 4th best military!.. Millions of Dollars were paid to change the public opinion both in America and the west, and unfortunately I can see the results.. Dear reader, Why do I hear not “a” single condemnation or criticism to Israel? Are they the representatives of the truth and freedom all the time in all actions? What about us? Are we the Representatives of the devil? We have devil and you have devil, and we need to extract both.. I admit we have one, the Binladins, but do you admit you have one??

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I am a 100% Jewish!

August 19, 2006 at 2:44 pm (Culture, Hezbollah, Israel, Lebanon, Middle East)

In selectsmart.com, a faith selector, and after answering the questionnaires, I have discovered that I am a 100% Muslim, a 100% Orthodox Jewish, and a 78% Reform Jewish! Wow!

The Islamic creed is so similar to the Judaism, and of common factors more than that is between Christianity and Judaism. The same applies to Islam and Christianity, who have stronger creed ties to that is of Judaism. Relationship between Jews and Christians has been stronger, however, of that to Muslims because of the events involving the so-called, “Islamic Terror.”

Though I don’t agree with the term, “Islamic Terrorism,” which gives Islam a terrorism division, I agree that “some” Muslims are to blame for so many troubles around the globe. Nonetheless, I claim that Islam is not the source of the trouble; there is a mix of historical, social, political, etc. factors that lead to the creation of this layer. Admitting the existence of this layer, does not mean giving ourselves and you the right to call on any movement or organization that happens to be Islamic, a terrorist one. The globe, unfortunately, did not arrive at a precise definition at such term, which leads us to a vague road when assessing problems like the 2006 Israeli-Lebanese conflict.

A friend of mine complained about my defense to the Lebanese resistance in my posts by saying:

…anyone of any belief who kills someone else just because they are different or kills in the name of his or her God/Allah is MURDER!!! Is it ethical to murder? Is it ethical to behead? Is it ethical to kidnap for ransom? Is it ethical to launch hundreds of missles intentionally toward civilians?

And here I say:
I’m the first to criticize fanatics, especially Muslims, and I have always been the first in the list to stand against extremism and terrorism.
It’s unethical to murder in the name of God, unethical to behead, unethical to kidnap for ransom, and it’s unethical to launch the missiles.. But is it ethical to occupy the land? Is it ethical to keep thousands of people in your prisons when you see yourself stronger than others? If not, whether it’s Islamic or not, is it unethical for people to resist that occupation, and practice their legitimate right? Is it ethical to kill (thousands) of “civilians?” Is it not ethical to launch missiles but ethical to throw “tons of tons” of weapons on infrastructure and destroying no less than a 15000 house?? Is it ethical to veto “ANY” and “EVERY” trial to end the war? Is it ethical to destroy Beirut airport, residential buildings, ambulances, fleeing civilians, ports, a lighthouse, grain silos, bridges, roads, factories, medical and relief trucks, mobile telephone and television stations, fuel containers and service stations, and the country’s largest dairy farm?? Is it not ethical that you’re defending this??
My point is: If Hezbollah deems guilty, then, Israel is definitely guilty too, and deserve the same, if not more, of condemnations from your part and others in the “modern” world.

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